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DeafDigest Gold – March 14, 2010

DeafDigest Gold - March 14, 2010

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Hot Deaf News during the week:

- Hot Newspaper stories during the week:

Sign Language suggested as Social Media in schools

Argument in favor of North Carolina SD

- Very Hot News 

DeafDigest is mentioning the book "A New Civil Right: 
Telecommunications Equality for Deaf and Hard of Hearing 

Why is it being mentioned? Because Karen Peltz Strauss
wrote the book, and she was honored by becoming the
FCC Consumer Bureau deputy chief only just few days ago.

We, the deaf, are so lucky. Way back in the sixties
and the seventies, our communication issues were never
a priority with FCC. In fact only one FCC officer,
but with no political clout, showed interest in the 
deaf. The rest of the FCC didn't care.

Times have changed and DeafDigest is confident Ms Strauss
is here for us!

- Thursday March 11th

Cal Bowman, a Coda, has tossed his hat in the ring
for the House of Delegates (District 8) seat in Maryland.
Codas in running for public offices is routine news, 
but what is newsworthy is that he made two candidacy
announcements - one via voice, of course, but the
second one was in ASL.

Bowman? Maryland? Sounds familiar? Yes, his father
is Billy Bowman, well known for his SSA public
relations work in the Deaf Community and for 
heading up the USA deaf athletic contingent that
took part at the recent Deaflympics.

- Friday March 12th

Gallaudet is being closed for good this summer!

No, no, not our Gallaudet University, but the
Gallaudet School in St Louis. It is a small 
school of 50 students, all of them with 
special needs, including deafness. The city 
is working on a plan to shift students to 
other special programs elsewhere.

- Saturday March 13th

The Jean Massieu Academy, a charter school for the deaf
in Arlington, Texas, will be closed for good this summer.
Its' charter was revoked by Texas Education Agency.
The school officials, however, have asked the agency to
reconsider its decision.

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Deaf Miscellaneous stuff:

Way out in Nova Scotia, a province in Canada, a
highway has been renamed. The new name is
Mabel and Alexander Graham Bell Way.  Why
Nova Scotia? He lived in Nova Scotia at the
time of his death, and while he was growing
up his family vacationed there. 


Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing High School Sophomores and Juniors:  
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College-bound deaf and hard-of-hearing high school sophomores and 
juniors who are interested in learning about careers in art, business, 
computers, engineering and science, can attend Explore Your Future 
(EYF), a summer career exploration program offered at Rochester 
Institute of Technology. 

Two sessions are scheduled for summer 2010: July 17 - 22 and 
July 24 - 29.

The program brings together more than 200 students from around the 
country to live in RIT residence halls, take part in career-related 
activities, and enjoy social events during an exciting week of fun 
and friendship.   

On the final day of each session, parents attend a workshop that helps 
them prepare their student for life after high school.

Cost is $650 and includes everything except spending money and 

To apply online, go to

For more information, call 585-475-6700 (voice/TTY) or e-mail
Application deadline is April 30.


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   England says it has 9 million deaf and hard of hearing
people. The English population is about 62 million
people. That would mean about 16 percent of the population
are either deaf or hard of hearing?
Do we believe it? No, because the percentage is too high.
   But wait - England also says 6.5 million deaf and
hard of hearing people are at age 60 and above.
That means England has 2.5 million deaf people and
6.5 million late deafened people.
   Statistics is easy to fool and to misunderstand
so be careful with it.

- for ASL News version, please click on the arrow at:

(for your convenience, video links are posted on top
of each DeafDigest edition)

   Many, many hard of hearing people have a fear.
What is this fear?
   That their hearing aid batteries would die in
middle of a big hearing meeting or a big hearing
   Many hard of hearing people carry spare
batteries in their pockets as a back up, just
in case.
   But many other hard of hearing people forget
to carry their own back up batteries.
   This is the real fear among hard of hearing

- for ASL News version, please click on the arrow at:

(for your convenience, video links are posted on top
of each DeafDigest edition)

   There are tales of shoddy interpreting that have 
hurt the work performances of deaf professionals.
- example 1:
a deaf bureaucrat in a government agency was not asked
to make a presentation at a conference because of the
lack of confidence in interpreter's performance.

Why is it that so?
The agency was too cheap to hire skilled, top-caliber

- example 2:
a deaf educator in a public educational setting, located
in a small town, was not able to line up skilled, 
top-caliber interpreters. The top interpreters in the
state all work in the bigger cities.

Why is it that so?
Big city interpreting salaries are higher than small
town interpreting salaries

   The Daily Mirror, a tabloid newspaper in Great
Britain, ran an article that listed Prince Philip's
top 10 embarrassing moments.
   Making the top 10 list was this one:

"Deaf? If you are near there, no wonder you are deaf."
Phil dishes out some sound advice to a group from the 
British Deaf Association who were standing near a band

   Just as bad as the suggestion by former mayor of
Toledo, Ohio that all deaf people buy houses near
the airport. That suggestion hit the newspapers about
ten years ago.

   Many professions require re-training sessions
in order to keep up with the times, changes and
trends, etc.
   A certain workshop, designed for interpreters
in a certain state, was cancelled. The workshop
sponsors needed a certain number of interpreters
to register. Only half of that certain number
signed up, and so, the workshop never took place.
   Are interpreters indifferent towards
training? No, they're probably busy with their
interpreting assignments and cannot take time off
to attend the workshop.

   Last year the Scranton State School for the 
Deaf changed over to The Scranton School for Deaf
and Hard of Hearing Children. The state of Pennsylvania
handed over the management of the school to the
Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (WPSD).
   Why is DeafDigest mentioning this? Because when
Don Rhoten, the WPSD superintendent is in the
Scranton area he bumps into local people that actually
thought the deaf school disappeared from the map!
   Perhaps basketball fans would know better because
the local newspaper would print the deaf school
scores, but the non-basketball fans would have no idea!
   To combat this lack of knowledge, the WPSD people
will be embarking on a state-wide public relations
drive on behalf of the Scranton School.

   We have many, many organizations, both national and
local, that serve deaf and hard of hearing people.
   One such organization is:

Deaf and Hard of Hearing In Government

For the organization goals and objectives and its web site, click on:

   A research conducted by a team at University of
Wurzburg in Germany said that hearing babies cry
in their home language. French babies cry in
French; German babies in German and so on.
   What about crying by deaf babies in homes of
ASL-signing parents?
   Do they cry in ASL?


I took off my hearing aid and have not gotten around
to putting it back on


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he was profoundly tone-deaf

not sure if this comment is a joke or if it is
a fact; an acquaintance of DeafDigest editor
had serious tone-deafness issues. He functioned
as a hearing person with lower frequencies
and functioned as a deaf person with higher
frequencies. In his younger years he was
miserable, not being able to catch higher
frequencies - but as he got older, he matured
and has dealt with his high-frequency deafness


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Hi ... We are the 31st World's Largest Silent Weekend

The venue for the June 24-27, 2010 event will handle 700-1000
participants and include a medical interpreting track. Novice,
beginning, intermediate and advanced ASL and ITP students, as
well as interpreters (CEUs offered) will have around 150 hours
of seminars to choose from.

The 31st Silent Weekend is at the Florida Hotel at the Florida
Mall in Orlando with its huge food court allowing you to have
a complete meal for $5.99 instead of paying $20-30 at other
conferences' hotel prices.  The room costs are even lower than
last year ... just $105 with free parking and unlimited free
internet!  For your planning convenience, the website has the
dates from 2010 to 2020 posted.

Students, teachers and interpreters seeking to improve their
skills can bring family members and they can take novice sign
language classes!  Many of our current interpreters started out
as novice ASL students at the Silent Weekend!

There are simply no other local, regional or national venues
offering you so many hours of classes as inexpensively as the
Silent Weekends. Just check them out and register at

Sign language DVDs are available online at -

A DVD "When 'Duck' is not Enough"
to show you how to represent inanimate objects is now available

Join us for the 9th Florida/Alaska Motorcycle Benefit Run to help
deaf babies!  This is the world's longest group motorcycle benefit
run.  Some people are planning to fly to Calgary, Alberta and rent
cars and follow us to and from Alaska and enjoy bed and breakfast

See for updates and photos.

These trips will take place every year so why not make plans
to join us now in July 17, 2010?

Please browse our selection of signing greeting cards at:


Hot DeafNews boring, but important!

If a hearing person works in a deaf-related field and then becomes
a political leader, would he hold dear to his heart the best
interests of the deaf? Let us hope so. In that case, Bowen Greenwood
worked for the Montana Telecommunications Access Program, which
distributes devices and equipment for the deaf. He has recently
become the executive director of the Montana Republican Party.

Will he help the deaf on a higher level? We will wait and see.


Deaf Picture of the Week:

Vincent Wood
deaf meteorologist, NOAA

DeafDigest is not sure if he is the only deaf
meteorologist around or if there are a few others
that we do not know about?


Question of the week:

Q. Rush Limbaugh, whom incidentally is late deafened
and wears a CI, said he would go to Costa Rica for
medical care since costs are so much lower there.
Would this mean a CI in Costa Rica would be much
cheaper than a $50,000 operation in USA?

A. Do not know, but one thing is for sure, if
there are CI complications, the American would
need to fly to Costa Rica again to recheck
the device!

send your questions to

the most interesting questions may be answered in 
future DeafDigest editions. Thank you.


Wish List of the Week:

that FCC would require captions on the Internet, DVDs and
the video games. Such captions are voluntary but not


DeafHistory - Looking Back:

During the sixties - the civil rights movements had a
domino effect, encouraging deaf activists as well as
disabled activists to demand (and win) their rights
as first class citizens


Deaf and the Money:

A former hearing waitress posted a comment on
a blog. She said:

try to avoid serving the deaf; they are poor tippers

DeafDigest editor knows of a former waitress; she worked
for a national restaurant chain; she complained that
once a week three deaf individuals would go to that 
restaurant to be served by her. They would monopolize
the table for hours at a time, and would leave just
pennies in tips!


DeafNumbers of the Week:

At Ohlone College, Fremont, CA



200 - number of deaf students
650 - number of Deaf Studies students



wrong way of using sign language

for a listing of deaf reference & library resources,

(examples are listing of elected deaf officials, listing of
deaf Nobel Prize winners, etc; list will be added on a
gradual basis - so do check this site from time to time)


Selected top deaf sports stories from DeafDigest Sports

2 Maryland girls on USA deaf U-21 women's basketball team

Gallaudet coach Kevin Cook in Ohio newspaper story

DeafDigest Sports is also distributed by DeafDigest

To subscribe, e-mail

- DeafDigest Sports archives:


Selected Deaf Events

- D.C. Deaf Film Festival
Washington, DC
March 26-27, 2010

- Charlotte's Web (play for children)
Washington, DC
April 15-18, 2010

- East Regional Deaf Marriage Conference
Ridgecrest, NC
April 23-25, 2010

- The Americans with Disabilities Act As Amended: Update for 2010
Columbus, Ohio
Monday April 26th

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certain conditions apply and DeafDigest reserves the 
right to refuse event submissions)



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position opening
Residential Counselor-ASL
Jewish Foundation for Group Homes
Metropolitan Washington, DC area

The Residential Counselor-ASL is a position responsible for the direct
care of our residents in one of our group homes located in Rockville
area. This Residential counselor will initiate and promote consumer
participation in activities, providing appropriate care and promoting a
community oriented environment within the home.  Qualifications:  MUST
BE FLUENT IN AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE. High School degree or equivalent
education/experience, and a valid drivers' license.  Must be able to
lift 50-100 pounds and be capable of kneeling on the floor to provide
assistance to consumers.  The Residential Counselor must be able to pass
all background checks including Drug Testing.

Monday - Friday, sleepover 3:00pm - 11:00pm; 6:00am - 9:00am

Please submit your Resume at


position opening
Customer Care Representative 
Wireless Innovations (a Business Partner for Sprint)
Totowa, NJ

Wireless Innovations (a Business Partner for Sprint) is seeking a 
Customer Support / Sales Administrator, to support the Sprint 
Relay Program, in our Totowa NJ office. Wireless Innovations 
works very closely with the Sprint Relay Sales organization, 
providing wireless products and services for the Deaf and Hard 
of Hearing. 

Wireless Innovations provides a comprehensive health, dental and 
vision health plan. 

Position will communicate directly, via videophone, with customers 
who are deaf or hard of hearing; using American Sign Language (ASL) 
to handle orders, change services or answer questions. 

Essential Responsibilities:
- Deliver world class customer service to customer who are deaf or 
hard of hearing 

- Communicate directly with customers using American Sign Language 
(ASL) via a dedicated video link system 

- Respond to customer inquiries, order request, service change and 
complaints using videophone 

- Provide effective and timely resolution of a range of customer 

- Log and record information about customer interaction in company 
specified database system 

- Detailed, data entry skills to process orders through an online 

- Complete ongoing training to stay abreast of product, service and 
policy changes 

- Works closely with peers to resolve the customer's questions or 
concerns in a timely manner 

- Enhance the customer experience by providing information on new 
products, rate plans, and services 

- Detail-oriented and have the ability to multitask. 

- Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel 

- Performs other job-related duties as assigned 

Job Requirements: 
- High School Diploma 
- College Diploma preferred 
- Proficient knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL) 
- 3-5 years of practical use of American Sign Language (ASL) 
- 3-5 years of direct customer service experience in a call center 

Please send resume via fax to Jacgueline LaRode at (973) 256-2145 
or email at


Position opening 
Executive Director
The Center for Hearing and Deafness, Inc
Philadelphia, PA area

The Center for Hearing and Deafness, Inc. (CHAD), a community based 
organization located in West Chester, PA, serves the Deaf and hard of 
hearing community (D/HoH). 

CHAD is the only general, drop-in, social service agency of its kind in 
the five-county Philadelphia area. CHAD's mission is to improve the 
quality of life for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and their 
families through information, social services, education and advocacy. 

Reporting to the Board of Directors, CHAD seeks a full-time Executive 
Director. The candidate should have the ability of overseeing financial 
operations of a smaller organization, a record of successful fundraising 
for nonprofit organizations, and demonstrated accomplishments in 
administering and managing programs, and contracts. CHAD is looking for an 
experienced leader with the management skills and vision to continue the 
growth and development of the organization. The Executive Director must 
embrace CHAD's mission and purpose.

Requirements: A minimum of 5 years experience at a supervisory/management 
level, preferably in a non-profit health or human service field. In depth 
knowledge of issues and resources within the hearing loss field, including 
a conversational fluency with American Sign is strongly desired.

Interested candidates can email resume to


Position opening 
Program Specialist
The Center for Hearing and Deafness, Inc
Philadelphia, PA area

The Center for Hearing and Deafness, Inc. (CHAD) seeks a part-time Program 
Specialist to provide a variety of human service programs to individuals 
who are Deaf and hard of hearing (D/HOH). 

CHAD, a community based non-profit organization, is the only general, 
drop-in, social service agency of its kind in the five-county Philadelphia 
area. CHAD's mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals who 
are Deaf or hard of hearing and their families through information, social 
services, education and advocacy. 

Duties include:
- Provide in-depth case management services to D/HOH individuals, 
including those with additional mental and/or vision challenges

- Conduct comprehensive intakes, assessments, and referrals for a 
variety of phone calls and walk-ins

- Interact with other agencies and individuals and act as an 
advocate when necessary

- Related administrative duties

- Fluency in American Sign Language

- Highly motivated to work with and assist D/HOH people and their 

- Ability to travel mostly throughout Chester County, and 
occasionally to neighboring counties

- Bachelors degree and several years of human service experience 

- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Interested candidates can email resume to


Position opening
Program Director
The Center for Hearing and Deafness, Inc
Philadelphia, PA area

The Center for Hearing and Deafness, Inc. (CHAD) seeks a full-time Program 
Director to coordinate and supervise all CHAD programs and program staff 
so as to meet all contracted requirements, satisfy all program 
descriptions and to insure top quality services.

CHAD, a community based non-profit organization, is the only general, 
drop-in, social service agency of its kind in the five-county Philadelphia 
area. CHAD's mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals who 
are Deaf or hard of hearing and their families through information, social 
services, education and advocacy. 

Position Requirements:
- Minimum of BA or BS degree in health or human service field.

- Minimum of three years experience in providing health or human 

- At least one year of experience in human service management, 
including supervision, administration and finances.  

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills - an effective 
team player. 

- Excellent writing and good computer skills.

- Must be able to independently develop and manage multiple projects 
at once.  

- Background in working with deaf and hard of hearing people and 
their families preferred. 

- Competent conversational American Sign Language ability strongly 

Interested candidates can email resume to


position opening
Mental Health Technician
National Deaf Academy
Mt Dora, Florida

Responsible for the daily supervision and monitoring of residents safety, 
activities of daily living, school attendance and recreation activities.
Requires minimum high school diploma Bachelor’s degree in related field 
preferred.  Experience working in behavioral health setting preferred.  
Fluent in ASL preferred. American Sign Language training provided on site.  
All shifts available.  Competitive salary and excellent benefits.  

Fax resume to Human Resources: (352)735-4939 or send resume to: 
National Deaf Academy, 
Attention: Human Resources,
19650 US Hwy 441, 
Mt. Dora, Florida 32757. 

Phone (352)735-9500 



Job Postings
Teachers at Preparatory School at the National Deaf Academy
Mt Dora, Florida

Full-Time Teachers Wanted

This position required full-time teachers to obtain current Bachelor's 
degree and Florida certification.  Two years in Special Education and 
working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing or Dual-Sensory with 
Communication Disorders is preferred.

- Teacher in Special Needs Program must have Varied Exceptionality 
or Exceptional Student Education certification

- Teach in Deaf Education Program must have Hearing Impaired 

This position exists to provide direct instruction and other educational 
services to children, adolescents, and young adults in treatment in order 
to help them maintain or improve their academic performance 
levels/standing, as well as help them make a smooth post-discharge 
transition back into their home school setting.  This responsibility is 
carried out by careful instructional planning utilizing a well designed 
Individualized Educational Plan.  The classroom instruction follows unit 
planning that based on the best practices and evidence-based researches 
for Exceptional Student Education students.  The teachers are able to 
communicate fluently through American Sign Language (ASL) and deliver 
multi-sensory and innovative strategies in all instructions.  In addition, 
the teachers provide positive behavioral support and interventions in 
their classroom.

- Contractual Visually-Impaired Teacher Wanted

This position is a contractual basis that requires a certified teacher 
specialized in Visually Impaired with a background in American Sign 
Language.  This position focuses on working with Visually Impaired and 
Deaf-Blind students who are in a behavioral health residential facility.  
This position also requires extensive knowledge of assessments and 
services in order to help the visually-impaired students maintain or 
improve their quality of life while they are in treatment and for 
transition.  Teacher must be familiar with multi-modality instruction, 
including instructional and Braille materials.  To be a partner with the 
educational team, Visually Impaired teacher is responsible providing an 
array of education service delivery to meet the needs and abilities of the 
students based on the recommendations from the assessments and 
Individualized Educational Plan.  In this position, the teacher who works 
with visually impaired students with behavioral disorders requires 
flexibility with unexpected setbacks and fluctuated schedule.

Competitive salary and excellent benefits.  

Fax resume to Human Resources: (352)735-4939 

or send resume to: 
National Deaf Academy, 
Attention: Human Resources,
19650 US Hwy 441, 
Mt. Dora, Florida  32757.  

Phone (352)735-9500  



position available
ASL Program Director
Goshen College
Goshen, IN

Goshen College seeks Program Director/Instructor for growing American
Sign Language and Interpreting major/minor to begin fall semester of
the 2010-2011 academic year.  Responsibilities include teaching upper
level ASL-English Interpreting and related courses; oversight of
internships; and continued program development.  PhD preferred,
Master's degree required, in linguistics, education, sign language
interpreting or related field; multicultural experience preferred;
ASLTA certification or working toward certification.  Goshen College
is a liberal arts institution of 1,000 students dedicated to the
development of informed, articulate, sensitive and responsible
Christians.  It is nationally ranked for its study abroad programs. 
As a ministry of the Mennonite Church, the institution seeks to
integrate Christian values with educational and professional life. 
Goshen College has adopted five core values around which programs are
built:  1) Christ-centered; 2) Passionate Learners; 3) Servant
Leaders; 4) Compassionate Peacemakers; and (5) Global Citizens. 

To apply, see the position announcement at:


position opening
Deaf Services Manager
BJC Behavioral Health
St Louis, MO

for position description and application procedures,
please click on:


Position Vacancy Notice
Position:       Instructor of the Deaf and Hearing Impaired
Idaho Educational Services for the Deaf and the Blind

Begin Date:        August 2010        
Position:        Instructor of the Deaf and Hearing Impaired        

Nature of Work:        Provide academic programs for elementary and/or 
middle/high school students and other duties as assigned.        

Qualifications:        Idaho Standard Exceptional Child Certification with a 
Hearing Impaired Endorsement or ability to obtain; excellent receptive 
and expressive skills in American Sign Language; Bachelor’s degree 
acceptable, Master's degree preferred; Desired Math, Science or 
Language Arts Certification.        

Salary:        Commensurate with education and experience        

Benefits:        Comprehensive fringe benefit package included        

To Apply:        Interested persons are to submit a letter of 
application, resume, official transcripts, copies of certification 
and three letters of recommendations to:

Idaho Educational Services for the Deaf and the Blind
Attn: Human Resources
1450 Main St
Gooding, ID  83330        

Location:        ISDB campus in Gooding.        
Closing Date:        Open until filled.        

Successful candidate will be required to submit a completed ten finger 
fingerprint card or scan to the Idaho State Dept. of Education no later 
than five days after the employees' first day of employment with the 
school or unsupervised contact with students in a K-12 setting, 
whichever is sooner per Idaho Code 33-130 & 33-512.


position vacancy
Supervising Head Teacher - Elementary
Kansas School for the Deaf
Olathe, KS

The Kansas School for the Deaf, 450 East Park St., Olathe, KS  66061, is 
currently seeking qualified individuals for the following position opening 
effective July 1, 2010.

- Supervising Head Teacher - Elementary

Placement made within agency guidelines on salary schedule depending upon 
professional background and experience. KSD offers excellent benefits 
(Full Time Positions Only).  Applicants will be screened and the most 
highly qualified applicants will be invited for an interview session. The 
position is open until filled.  KSD is located in the Heartland of the 
USA, part of the Kansas City metropolitan area.  For area info on 
excellent schools and affordable housing check out: and   

For an application and a job announcement on this position, please refer 
to our website at or contact Teresa Chandler, Human 
Resources Office, at (913) 791-0501 (V/TTY) for further details on the 
position.  E-mail:  
Fax #:  913/780-6563

An Equal Employment/Educational Opportunities Agency
Tobacco Free Campus

KSD Embraces Diversity


job announcement
Teacher (High School English/Language Arts)
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

for position description and application procedures, please click on:


job announcement
Teacher (Middle School English/Language Arts) 
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

for position description and application procedures, please click on:


job announcement
Teacher (High School Math)
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

for position description and application procedures, please click on:


job announcement
Substitute Teacher (Part-Time/Hourly)
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

for position description and application procedures, please click on:


interpreter coordinator
Dallas, Texas


Raritan NJ



Baltimore, MD



Cincinnati, Ohio



Springfield, MO



Joplin, MO


(updated March 14th)


- Job Developer/Interpreter - Crenshaw, CA

- Community Interpreter - Los Angeles, CA

To learn more about the above positions at GLAD, please go
to our website:

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume
and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Specialist
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041

V/TDD:  (323) 550-4207
Fax #:  (323) 550-4204



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