DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 15, 2019

— honoring the ultimate late-bloomer

Betty Bounds Evans, Austin, TX career deaf
woman, passed away recently. She was
remarkable if only for one reason – as the
ultimate late-bloomer. After graduating
from Gallaudet her goals were simple –
get married, start a family and enjoy
teaching the deaf in the classrooms.
Over the years she evolved and moved up
the ladder – director of a Gallaudet regional
center, as a corporate executive,
and lastly, as an assistant superintendent
of Texas School for the Deaf. She was
that ambitious and was willing to
relocate several times while attaining
her professional goals.


— A comment from Amazon, true or false

Amazon said it is one of the only tech
companies in USA to have full time
ASL interpreter. Is this true or
false? DeafDigest thinks this claim
is false.


— the deaf of Austin

A hearing person that uses ASL said that
Austin, TX has a deaf restaurant, a deaf
dog groomer and a deaf mechanic. How many
other American metro areas with large
deaf population could make this claim?



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