It happened many years before ADA. A
deaf person, looking for a job, was
given an interview by an impatient,
fast-talking boss.
The interview was a joke. The boss
talked very fast, impossible for the
deaf person to understand.
Then the boss stopped, shook hands
with the deaf person and led him out of
the office.
What happened? Deaf person still didn’t
know what happened!


Which is better for a deaf traveler –
Join a Deaf Cruise or a Hearing Cruise?
With a Deaf Cruise, very easy to
communicate with other deaf travelers.
Disadvantage is that you see same old
deaf faces all the time.
With a Hearing Cruise, there are
strangers that have many interesting
stories to share during dinners and
during cruise social events. For
deaf, it is impossible to communicate
without an interpreter! Hearing
people on vacation during cruises
don’t like to write notes.


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 7, 2020

— not that so easy to teach themselves ASL

There have been stories people trying to
learn ASL as a hobby. It is always difficult
to learn ASL (both expressive and receptive)
and when people say it is so easy, they do not
know what they are talking about!


— not easy to find qualified superintendents

It is normal every year to see turnovers in
superintendents of deaf schools. And it is
never easy to find qualified replacements!
A school said, in a newspaper story that
ten people applied for the vacant position.
Eight of them did not meet the job qualifications.
Two of them did, but just did not meet the
ASL fluency requirement. What this means
is back to Square One or back to the
Drawing Board.


— Telehealth does not caption chats with deaf patients

We have Telehealth. The problem is that this
group does not caption the conversations with
the deaf patients. Discrimination? Very much so!
American Medical Association raised his issue,
but will it do anything about it?


Deaf jobs – latest update

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