A deaf man was arrested. He was with his
deaf friend.
The angry wife told the friend – do not
tell anyone that my husband was arrested.
The deaf friend kept his mouth shut. But
the deaf community knew about it.
The wife warned everyone – do not
tell anyone that my husband was arrested,
and as a result, everyone knew about it?



Many big cities all over the world have their
own subway systems.
Deaf people that live in these cities have no
problems on the subways and get off at their
But one city has very bad subway service
for the deaf. It is London. Ticket sellers are
often rude. And many rides are changed at
last minute with different routes or different
platforms. Hearing can hear it with public
announcements. Deaf can’t and there are not
enough public displays to let them know of


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 22, 2020

— disagreement over tech word signs

Zoom, Object-oriented programming, Back End,
Development Operations, etc. These are few of
the tech words many of us don’t understand but
engineers and programmers do. And there
is much disagreement among the interpreters
and even of the deaf high-tech people
on the appropriate signs for these words!


— Face mask vs supermarket check out cashier

There was a sign at the check out counter that
said to wait until you are asked to check out.
Who really reads that sign? Anyway a deaf shopper
started placing her stuff on the check out counter
until the casher told her to stop – saying something
behind the Face Mask. The casher wanted to wipe
clean the check out table first, and had to
gesture several times until the deaf shopper
realized what she was trying to say. Always
an embarrassing Face Mask incident every day at
every store and take out restaurants!


— deaf business success, family failure

This is always a sad story that family members
feel the deaf cannot succeed. A deaf engineer
with a MBA worked for a family-owned construction
company. His work helped make the struggling
business become profitable. Did the family
members thank him? No! Not really surprising,
but sad.


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