Jim Segala, now in the Gallaudet athletic hall of fame,
was a blue-chip high school quarterback that knew
no sign language when he joined the football team.

He graduated from Clarke School for the Deaf and then
at a public high school where he was a prized
quarterback. He was hesitant about playing at Gallaudet
because ASL was a requirement.

Fortunately for him and for the Gallaudet football
program, he learned ASL in a hurry and was able
to control the team during huddle signals.

He led Gallaudet to 7-4, 9-1, 6-3 and 7-3 seasons,
the best four-season football stretch in campus
history (late eighties).

He also played baseball and basketball at

Currently he is a basketball referee and is one
of these officials at the annual Clerc Basketball