Are the deaf communities being redlined? Lets’ hope not!
Several weeks ago the DEAFDIGEST questioned the issue of deaf
patrons of a watering hole staying away from deaf social clubs
and patronizing non-deaf establishments.
A deaf leader brought up the issue of redlining a while
ago. Deaf social service agencies give everything back to
the deaf community in the form of services provided to them.
Schools for the deaf do the same thing – to educate our
deaf children to become better citizens. Deaf social clubs
field deaf athletic teams and also stage events for the
deaf community.
Do hearing establishments that make money off the deaf
patrons give something back to the deaf community? If they
do not, then this is redlining, though not exactly in
banking and mortgage terms.
Said a businessman (not deaf) who deals with the public
“Because of my success I am committed to giving back to the