Provide direct supervision and support to assistant coach(es) and athletes
including leadership and coordination in your specific sport to allow
worthwhile learning experiences for student athletes.

Previous experience as a coach in the assigned sport including
knowledge of issues and priorities important to the athletes’ needs

Fluency in American Sign Language and written English.

Ability to communicate and work effectively as part of a team.

CPR, First Aid, OSHA and Medical Certifications are required.

A valid drivers license and a clean driving record as determined by
Human Resources
is required

National Federation High School Coach’s Certification, preferred,
but not required
Athletic Director
Responsible for assisting Athletic Director in selecting, supervising, and evaluation of
Assistant Coach(es).
Attend various meetings, as needed, to ensure smooth communication and implementation
of plans. Responsible to ensure that all externally and internally required reports are complete,
accurate, and submitted on time or as scheduled.
Communicate with student athletes clearly and
effectively including the philosophy and fundamental
skills associated with the sport. Enthusiastically and successfully recruit student athletes. Stress good
sportsmanship, safety, and the values of athletics, positive community relations and a positive image of
the school to students, staff and opponents.
Conduct regular sport practice sessions for one and one-half or two hours on weekdays throughout the
sports season (except with the permission of the Athletic Director to cancel a particular practice
session). Accompany and supervise student athletes on sporting events at TLC throughout the state
and country.
Provide direct supervision of student athletes in vehicles, locker rooms, gyms, playing fields, cafeteria,
and dorms during sport practices. Coaches will wait with students until all members of the team have
been picked up from an event. Supervise and instruct student athletes and managers in caring for and
storing equipment and supplies; maintaining lockers, showers and supply rooms; washing towels and
uniforms; keeping scores and statistics; and securing personal items.
Securing all doors; and turning
out lights at the completion of practice or event.
Provide the Athletic Director with up-to-date rosters and eligibility lists at the beginning of the practice
season and at any time the roster changes including practice schedules, team meetings and game
schedule. Also, consults with the Athletic Director prior to suspending or dismissing any student from
the sport team.
Care for injured students, working closely with the athletic trainer when available or school nurse, onthe
TLC campus by sending them immediately (if possible) to the Health Center. Report any
hazardous situation to the Athletic Director in a timely manner.
Become familiar with
the Massachusetts Bay Independent League (MBIL), Girls Independent League
(GIL), New England Prepatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) and Eastern Schools for the Deaf
Athletic Association (ESDAA) manual, bylaws, and comply with all TLC policies and procedures
including the TLC Coaches Handbook.
Perform other tasks as assigned by the Athletic Director and/or Secondary Principal.
May be delegated and trained to conduct medication administration or certain medical procedure
responsibilities for students
Your employment with The Learning
Center for the Deaf is a voluntary one and is subject to termination by you or The Learning Center for the Deaf at will, with
or without cause, and with or without
notice, at any time. Nothing in these policies shall be interpreted to be in conflict with or to eliminate or modify in any way the employment
-at-will status of The Learning Center for the Deaf employees.
This policy of employment-at-will may not be modified by any officer or employee and shall not be modified in any publication or document. The
only exception to this policy is a written employment
agreement approved at the discretion of the President or the Board of Directors, whichever is applicable.
These personnel policies are not intended to be a contract of employment or a legal document.
The Learning Center for the Deaf is an Equal Opportunity Employer