DeafDigest - 01 April 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition - April 1, 2021 -- honoring a NTID legend Dr. Robert Frisina, a NTID legend, departed us yesterday. He started his career working with the deaf at Gallaudet in the late forties, even coaching the basketball team one season. In the late sixties, he moved on to another career with the brand new NTID. People have said it was Frisina that made NTID the world's most eminent technical school for the deaf. Thank you, Robert, for providing the world with highly skilled NTID graduates in the rapidly evolving world of technology.   -- bad lipreading April Fools' Day joke A hearing person may say Voltswagen, and the deaf person may think it is Volkswagen. It was an attempted April Fools' Day joke, telling the world of the name change to Voltswagen. Not only the joke was leaked out few days before today - but that the company may have broken the US securities law for possibly misleading the investors. A bad Deaf Lipreading joke that may have backfired on them!   -- the mask and the deaf, per shop owner A shop owner told his hearing employees: Wear your mask, but always think about deaf customers   Deaf jobs - latest update 03/28/21 Blue and Gold editions & sub options at:

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