DeafDigest - 02 April 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition - April 2, 2021 -- drive-in theater in large deaf community won't respond to deaf Frederick, MD has a large deaf community, and there was talk that a drive-in theater will be coming back to that city. The management, however, refused to respond to this question: Will this drive-in theater show captions for the deaf? A deaf person made a stink out of the refusal in the newspaper "Letters to the Editor" column.   -- said to be one of the oldest deaf clubs in USA A deaf club 121 years old? The Puget Sound Association of the Deaf was written up in a newspaper, saying it is one of the oldest deaf clubs in USA. It is located in Seattle, WA. We do have other older deaf clubs - Buffalo Club for the Deaf and Pittsburgh Association of the Deaf and Charles Thompson Memorial Hall (St Paul, MN) but Puget Sound is older than these three deaf clubs. Is there another deaf club that is older than Puget Sound? DeafDigest editor does not know.   -- police roughs up deaf man with cerebral palsy A deaf resident, of Dayton, Ohio, with cerebral palsy, has accused the city police of roughing him up for no reason. He was handcuffed and taken to a hospital at quite a distance from his home. The city said police actions were justified. The public Citizens' Appeals Board said police actions were not justified. At this point, the city does not know what to to!   Deaf jobs - latest update 03/28/21 Blue and Gold editions & sub options at:

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