DeafDigest - 05 April 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition - April 5, 2021 -- a president broke a promise to hire an interpreter Cyril Ramaphosa, the president of South Africa, promised the deaf community that he would hire an interpreter. He never did. A group of organizations serving the deaf have asked him to apologize to them - in sign language - for breaking the promise. Do the deaf really want an apology in a broken sign language that the president will quickly forget few minutes later?   -- auto-captions on instagram Instagram management is working on auto-captions. Great for deaf? Yes, if captions is perfect. Auto-captions not always perfect! Should deaf people accept it as better than nothing?   -- continuing to insult the deaf Prime Minister Edi Rama, of Albania, has continued to insult the deaf by calling them deaf-mutes. European human rights organizations are now asking the European Commissioner of Human Rights to stop  his insulting of the deaf. Will the Prime Minister listen to the human rights people?   Deaf jobs - latest update 04/04/21 Blue and Gold editions & sub options at:

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