DeafDigest - 07 April 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition - April 7, 2021 -- fake-deaf actor's ASL skills A movie critic had this to say about ASL skills of a fake-deaf actor. The critic said: The actor does not know ASL; not even accurate or correct with it. For that reason this movie - a comedy where we laugh with the plot has been changed to - we laugh at the actor's ASL struggles!   -- the worry of a deaf activist A deaf activist, that loves sports, has this worry - that if and when stadiums reach full capacity, the teams will forget the needs of deaf fans - meaning interpreters and scoreboard captions. Yes, we have ADA but things may have a way of falling through the cracks!   -- state representative remembering or forgotting There was a story of Arkansas Representative Charlene Fite as she goes through a typical hectic day. Her second task of the day was going to the budget committee to restablish the office of the deaf and hard of hearing services. After this is done, she moves on to other tasks, hour by hour until the day ends and she arrives home exhausted, and probably jumping backwards on her bed. Will she remember her appointment earlier in the day on behalf of the deaf? Hope so.   Deaf jobs - latest update 04/04/21 Blue and Gold editions & sub options at:

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