DeafDigest - 12 March 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition - March 12, 2021 -- jobs for ASL course graduates Not every ASL graduate become interpreters. A newspaper story listed these jobs for ASL graduates: Government Recreation Audiology Acting Education Social Work Psychology ASL Instruction Yes, there are still other jobs.     -- Doctors become strangers to deaf patients After an operation, the deaf patient told her surgeon: You examined me before the operation; you operated on me; and had post-operation discussions with me. Yet I don't know what you look like because of your mask! That comment hit the doctor very hard.   -- 16-year old girl not aware of her deafness A 16-year old girl grew up struggling for words and sounds, never realizing she was deaf. Even when she was given many hearing tests over the years, the assumption was that she had a cold or had some kind of illness. It wasn't until she was 16 when the latest hearing test confirmed her deafness. Hard to believe!   Deaf jobs - latest update 03/07/21 Blue and Gold editions & sub options at:

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