DeafDigest - 17 March 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition - March 17, 2021 -- probably first Karen complaint against a deaf person Karen is an insult that became a recent buzzword. It refers to a female that uses the 911 line to file a complaint with the police for no real reason. Anyway, it seems to be the first Karen that complained about a deaf person. This deaf person, a coffee shop barista, was wearing hearing aids that the Karen thought were Air Pods. The supervisor and the owners told Karen to go away and buy coffee elsewhere!   -- used to it but hate it Deaf people are used to discrimination, no captions, no interpreters, no note writing, etc. It does not mean they don't hate it because they do. This was the issue an activist pointed out.   -- deaf cheesemakers Kase, a cheesemaking company, has five deaf cheesemakers. It was suggested to the Kase owner that he hire the deaf, and he did - and he said his customers all love the cheese made by his deaf cheesemakers.   Deaf jobs - latest update 03/14/21 Blue and Gold editions & sub options at:

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