DeafDigest - 24 March 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition - March 24, 2021 -- deaf person accused of having "attitude" Homeless hearing people beg for money and harass people that walk past them in downtown of a major city. For some reason a certain homeless person continues to accuse a deaf person of having an attitude problem! This person sits in front of a CVS store and would open the doors for hearing people that enter or exit the building (hoping for tips). When there is behind-the-back yelling and screaming, the hearing person hears it but often ignores it whereas the deaf person is clueless (and is labelled as having an attitude).   -- deaf BBQ chef vs hearing BBQ chefs On all these TV BBQ grilling contests, DeafDigest editor has never seen a deaf contestant. Hearing BBQ contestants better than deaf BBQ chefs? No way! But deafness may be a disadvantage, and it has nothing to do with grilling skills. It has a lot to do with "spying" on judges' tasting preferences and on contestants' grilling tricks. Yes, deaf contestants can see but cannot hear these whispered comments among contestants that are forever talking trash with each other. There is one deaf contestant that has competed locally and is hoping one day he will win big. DeafDigest hopes so.   -- Coda remembers these days of past years A Coda was interviewed in a newspaper story. She said: my parents couldn't watch non-captioned movies my parents couldn't enjoy non-interpreted public festivals my parents didn't want to go to restaurants and not understanding what the waiters were saying This Coda is correct.     Deaf jobs - latest update 03/21/21 Blue and Gold editions & sub options at:

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