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Tesla Factory hires Deaf workers

The Tesla Brandenburg Gigafactory in Berlin which officially opened last year recently hired 60 Deaf workers out of 11,000 workers to work in its facilities. Many Deaf workers are refugees who escaped the war Russian invasion of their homeland in Ukraine. The process of hiring Deaf workers began when they asked if they could combine five Deaf individuals into the Berlin Giga team. From one Deaf worker to sixty Deaf workers, word spread, and more Deaf people were encouraged to join the Berlin Giga team.


Increase in fake sign language interpreters

On Tuesday, 19th September, at the National Media Center at a press conference during Deaf International Week, Mr. Robert Nkwangu, executive director of Uganda National Association of the Deaf (UNAD) demanded the government solve issues about policies for professional sign language interpreters because of increased entries of fake interpreters privately entering the job market through computer processes and having people pretend to be someone teaching sign language. The 2023 Deaf International Week from 17th to 23rd September 2023 is the celebration of the annual 50th of the Struggle for the Human Rights of the Deaf People, where they can sign anywhere.

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Sign language on TV cartoons

On International Sign Language Day which was September 23rd, 13 episodes of the TV childrens program “Sisimpur” incorporated Sign Language for Deaf children’s access. It was created by Sesame Workshop Bangladesh (SWB). An organization named The Society of the Deaf and Sign Language Users (SDSL) is working on the growth of using sign language in Sisimpur’s special episodes. Signing will also be included in an upcoming TV cartoon show soon. Sisimpur Managing Director Mohammed Shah Alam says his goal is to make connections with every child in Bangladesh.

The Old Fogeys

See this week’s cartoon.

THE OLD FOGEYS – View cartoon


Deaf Zimbabweans empower others

Hello, my name is Gwendoline, this is my sign name, and I am from Zimbabwe.
This workshop assists me in promoting the deaf community in Zimbabwe by
assisting them with everything. Hello, my name is Theodora and my surname is
Fauna, and this is my sign name. I have an association in Zimbabwe because we
want to promote people there. This programme is to promote for people with
disabilities, and we have the motivation to encourage people in Zimbabwe to
stand up for themselves and to encourage their Deaf children to do the same.


Associations working together

There have been positive actions in the country. The Rwanda Deaf Blind Association is working alongside with Deaf groups so they can begin to assist the Deaf Blind. One family member who benefited from this initiative and the training they received stated that they are now able to move forward with their lives. We would like to acknowledge the work that the Deaf-blind Association does for the deaf in Rwanda.

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