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Gallaudet University named most dangerous

A recent study that was announced by Fox 5 Washington DC news, has named Gallaudet University as the most dangerous campus in America. This comes from an annual report made by “Your Local Security” and this has raised serious concerns about student safety. The Parrish Law Firm used the data from Campus Safety and found that Gallaudet University had 1,110 incidents per 1,000 students occurring between 2018 and 2022 on campus. Out of 1,110 incidents, there were 282 offenses under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). These offenses included serious crimes such as domestic violence and stalking. During that time, the university also reported 30 instances of hate crimes, including property vandalism, robbery, and sex offenses. 


Starbucks launches training program

Starbucks United Kingdom (UK) has launched an industry-leading training program for its employees to learn British Sign Language (BSL) to improve the experience for Deaf and hard-of-hearing customers. This training program was created in partnership with the British Deaf Association (BDA) and tech platform Attensi. It uses a gamified training app to teach employees the signs for everyday phrases, greetings, useful questions, and beverage orders. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with over 11,000 employees completing the course and 95% reporting a better understanding of the Deaf community. This initiative is led by Toro Manca, a district manager who began his Starbucks journey as a barista in 2001. 

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Deaf athletes at World Deaf Games

A special feature on Taiwan's outstanding performance at the World Deaf Youth Games in Brazil. In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Hsiao An-yu clinched two gold medals in badminton. She dominated the women's singles and later triumphed in the mixed doubles alongside her partner Lin Chia-hsun. Facing tough competition, Hsiao's resilience and support from her family propelled her to victory, making her a symbol of Taiwan's athletic prowess on the global stage. But Hsiao wasn't alone in her success. Runner Chen Yun-hsuan, swimmer Liu Tsung-han, and swimmer Li Yi-ling showcased their talent by securing silver and bronze medals in their respective events. 

The Old Fogeys


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Accessible flight cards

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) cards will make communication on flights easier for hearing-impaired and foreign passengers.On April 26, the Ministry unveiled augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) cards in collaboration with the National Aviation Museum and major carriers like Korean Air and Asiana. These cards feature 25 images across sectors like first aid and in-flight services. Designed to enhance passenger experience, these cards aim to bridge communication barriers during emergencies, meal requests, and general interactions on board, ensuring a seamless travel experience for all. 


Deaf Reach contributes to Deaf education

In Lahore, Pakistan, students communicate using sign language with their teacher at a school for the Deaf. These teachers who are also Deaf themselves, help create an inclusive and accessible environment in education. The school is run by the charity Deaf Reach, and has over 200 pupils, mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds. Less than 5% of the more than one million Deaf school-age children in Pakistan attend school. For girls, the figure is even lower, leaving many marginalized by society and their families. This school in Lahore provides a rare opportunity for these children to learn in an accessible environment.

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