DeafWire Edition - 16 April 2022

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"CODA" to become a stage musical

Deaf West Theatre (DWT) in cooperation with Vendôme Pictures and Pathé Films will produce the film “CODA” into a theatrical stage musical. DWT artists are both hearing and Deaf and will use ASL with spoken English to create visual movement with voice.

Philippe Rousselet from Vendôme Pictures said that they have been humbled and honoured to watch ‘CODA’ grow from Sundance, through its premiere on Apple TV+ and awards buzz this season. More detailed information about the musical, team, and cast will be announced later as the search is still on.


Deaf man climbs dangerous tower

A Deaf man climbed 10 metres to the top of a tower in Thalang, Thailand. Rescue workers struggled to get the man to get back down safely, so they laid out safety pillows around the tower just in case he fell or jumped.

Family members of the Deaf man were able to convince him to climb down safely. His cousin said the Deaf man hears voices in his head and that’s what prompted him to climb to the top of the tower.


Experiencing flying a plane

Two Deaf children Brooke and Josie, both aged 12, got to experience flying a plane. The Royal Air Force Air Cadets set up an initiative called ‘Flying Ages’, through which the girls got the opportunity to actually pilot the plane. 

The young girls had the chance to pull back on the control column and feel the aircraft rising. They also experienced turning, flying level, climbing, and descending. The Armed Forces Covenant Fund provided funding to this cause to give young people with disabilities the experience of flying airplanes.

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Deaf meditation, Miss Trans-star International

There are Deaf meditation specialists – three women from Sweden studied the human body, communication with the cosmos, and mediation. They host live broadcasts called “Global Meditation of the Deaf” which can be done anywhere in the world.

Veronika Svetlova, a Deaf woman from Russia participated in the “Miss Trans-star International” contest that was held in Barcelona, Spain. She won the “Miss Beyond the Crown” and “Miss Popular Vote.” Her outfits were made by a Deaf designer, Patrick Monaco. Winner of the contest was a hearing participant.


Snapchat releases fingerspelling lens

Snapchat released a new accessibility feature that enables the camera to capture and display fingerspelled letters through Augmented Reality (AR) Lenses.

Snapchat’s internal Deaf-formed group “Deafengers” worked together with SignAll to bridge the communication gap between Deaf and hearing people. The Lenses are available to all users and can be accessed via Snapcode or by searching for Fingerspell Username, Randomizer Fingerspelling, or Random Words in Lens Explorer.


Deaf-owned restaurant

A Deaf man from India, Mithlaj Palthil, opened a restaurant in Dubai called karak Ccino Prime – they serve multi-cultural food from America, Italy, and Turkey. He works at the cash counter and is responsible for the bills while his cousin manages other parts of the business. 

KarakCcino is located near popular tourist destinations, the Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai Frame, and Burj Khalifa. The hearing staff learn sign language so customers can get full access to communication.  

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