DeafWire Edition – 17 December 2022

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Clash over ILY sign design

A dispute between two Deaf-owned businesses regarding the design of “I Love You” (ILY) sign went viral. One business accused the other of design patent infringement on their design. Social media comments included “How can you patent a whole language, Deaf artists should support other Deaf artists.” while another commented, “So sad. Deaf business owners should support each other, not drag each other down.” Many said they would purchase items from the second business to show their support.


Winners of Championship Game

The football team at California School for the Deaf, Riverside celebrated a major victory with a parade in Southern California on Monday. The team won the 2022 CIF football eight-player state championship getting the school their first CIF title in any sport!


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EUDY Youth Camp 2023

Portugal won the bid to host the European Union of the Deaf Youth’s (EUDY) Youth Camp and General Assembly (GA) in 2023. EUDY is an European non-profit organization of 30 youth national associations of the deaf in Europe that works together to foster the personal development of Deaf young persons with sign language in Europe and to further mutual understanding to advance and protect the rights of and opportunities for the Deaf Young Europeans.


National Day of the Deaf People

On November 30th, the Mexican Deaf Community celebrated their 155th anniversary and hosted two major events: the National Congress of Education for the Deaf, and Mexican Sign Language 2022. A video called “Struggle and Success: Importance of Education of the Deaf in Mexican Sign Language” based on research was shown.

The Old Fogeys

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Project connects Deaf students

Sign language is not widely used to teach and for children to learn. The World Bank states there are 116,000 Deaf children in Vietnam who are dependent on lip-reading or use hearing aids. In September 2022, Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training established a project “Quality Improvement of Primary Education for Deaf Children” to train Deaf teachers, mentors and caregivers in sign language in mainstream and special education, and may also include older students. It is funded by Global Partnership.,


Accessible FIFA World Cup

The highlights of all 64 FIFA World Cup matches in sign language are streamed for the first time ever on FIFA+, FIFA’s new digital fan experience app and website. Qatar is currently hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022 from November 21 to December 18 wherein 32 teams compete across 64 matches.


310th Year of Founder of School of Deaf

On November 24, Deaf people in Paris traditionally celebrate the birthday of Abbé Charles-Michel De l’Epee, founder of the first school for the Deaf and French Sign Language. Aftr observing two Deaf twins communicating in sign language, l’Epee decided to study and develop sign language, which further contributed to the spread of other sign languages around the world.


Deaf wooden shoemaker

Tim Van Goethem is in 9th generation of shoemakers and continues to make wooden shoes which is the national shoes of Belgium. He explains that wooden shoes first appeared in France, then in Belgium, and became popular in Holland, and he hopes to continue the family business.

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