DeafWire Edition – 18 February 2023

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Deaf designs Miss Universe outfit

The person in charge of Miss Peru’s wardrobe at the Miss Universe 2022 event in the U.S. is fashion designer Humberto Cachay Pinedo, professionally known known as Beto Pineda who was born with a hearing disability in Atumplaya, Moyobamba. Now 34, he owns a store in Nueva Cajamarca and has worked with national and international models. “From a very young age, I have always liked to create and design. I didn’t study Design, and I don’t listen or speak, but that hasn’t impeded getting ahead. I am not ashamed, I have always had the support of my family. There are no excuses, we are all the same”.


Official registry for LSA interpreters

A proposal by Legislator Laura Villalba from the Federal Neighborhood Union to create a provincial registry of Argentine Sign Language (LSA) interpreters was approved in the Córdoba Legislature. This law would require an official list for all government agencies to look up when arranging for a sign language interpreter. Villalba said that like health centers which has trained personnel, Deaf people also need interpreters in person or through technology in ASL.


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Senior Director Outreach Consortium – NTID
Clinician, DHH / Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, Charlotte, NC
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Therapist, HH Wilmington, NC



Deafblind man turned away

After the receptionist at the Britannia Hotel had difficulties in communication with Paul Scott, a Deaf British Sign Language user, the receptionist asked for the manager who come and told Paul his booking was cancelled “because they did not want people like Paul there.” Paul said the experience was frightening as he had nowhere else to stay in Manchester and he was far from home without a safe space. The issue arose when he was informed by the hotel that the hotel’s Wi-Fi costs £7 per day. Paul explained he needed access to Wi-Fi to access video relay services and BSL999, as well as being able to watch TV on his tablet since he cannot see very far. The hotel asked Paul to fill out a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan form so that they could contact Paul in case of an emergency, but Paul explained that in order to receive a call from the hotel via video relay services, he would need Wi-Fi. H3 World TV contacted Paul after learning about this ordeal on Facebook and he said he had sent two emails to the hotel and after replying that they were investigating the matter, there has been no further contact. H3 World TV also tried to reach Britannia Manchester Hotel but received no response.

The Old Fogeys

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Migration agent caused refusal of visa

Mohamed Barghachoun, a Deaf Lebanese man, was forced to leave his wife Jihan, and three children in Australia. The family had provided enough evidence and spent more than $1,500 AUD on this visa only to find out the immigration agent had never properly submitted the application and ignored letters from the immigration department causing Mohamed’s visa to expire. A letter from the Australian immigration office states the decision has been finalized and it is not possible to consider additional information, or reconsider a visa application. Mohamed would have to return to his homeland in Lebanon before he can reapply for the visa. At first Immigration Minister Andrew Giles said they had no jurisdiction to intervene but then later his office said they are now considering intervention.


Deaf live-streamer sold S$70,000 in a week

Lily Goh grew up isolated as the only Deaf person in her life and was excluded and rejected by the hearing world. She now sells products online on the Mdada live-streaming platform and earns approximately S$70,000 each week. The products that she sells include BE@RBRICK collectibles, fashion clothes, skin care products, and luxury bags. Lily has brought in sales revenue of S$200,000. She prepares for her livestream sessions by getting familiar with each of her products beforehand, through searching and using information about them on Google. Although she faces some communication barriers while co-hosting with a hearing person, she has continued to improve her livestreaming skills, progressing from selling one to three products in an one-hour livestream to selling up to 10 products in a two-hour session.

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