DeafWire Edition – 18 November 2023

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Maine mass shooting involved Deaf victims

The Deaf community in Lewiston, Maine, was shocked when a mass shooter, Robert Card, shot many people at a bowling alley and a bar, killing four Deaf people. Eighteen people in total were killed, and thirteen others got hurt. The names of the four Deaf victims were Joshua Seal, Billy Brackett, Stephen Vozzella, and Bryan MacFarlane. They were at the bar, playing in a cornhole tournament.


Vicks cough drops launches cheer in sign language

A widely known brand named Vicks Cough Drops has released a music video in Indian Sign Language (ISL) for their #VicksKholIndiaBol Cheer Anthem. This song encourages millions of Indians to cheer and talk without coughing, throat problems, and discomfort. The new video portrayed Deaf fans and a star cricket player, Yuvraj Singh, using Indian sign language. Vicks partnered with India Signing Hands, an organization that promotes education and awareness, to join in the cheering and show their love for cricket. Deaf members from India Signing Hands directed, performed, and edited this song.


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* Vocational rehabilitation positions | Interpreter position, Virginia
* Community Services Manager – VDDHH, Richmond, VA
* Policy Analyst, VDDHH, Richmond, VA



Sign language interpreters needed in healthcare

The Deaf Women Association of Nigeria (DWAN) in Bauchi had a meeting to discuss the need for sign language interpreters in hospitals for Deaf patients to be able to communicate with doctors and nurses. Deaf people sometimes feel stressed and have a hard time telling doctors about their health issues, which can result in incorrect medicines, or Deaf patients not understanding what is happening. The DWAN wants to ensure sign language interpreters are available at hospitals to assist Deaf patients and avoid miscommunication. They also asked for stronger rules to protect the equal rights of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people.

The Old Fogeys

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New app to connect Deaf to interpreters

An app, Amsaan is co-founded by Vitalii Potapchuk, a Deaf Ukrainian expat in the UAE. Amsaan uses QR codes to connect Deaf individuals to sign language
interpreters for conversation anywhere and anywhere – from museums and libraries to every corner of the world, Amsaan transforms static information
into sign language videos, making information more accessible. Amsaan also enables Deaf people to make phone calls by connecting to an interpreter.


First Deaf woman to become legal advocate

In the history of Indian judiciary, a new chapter is being written. Sarah is India’s first Deaf advocate. Despite the challenges she faced, Sarah
pursued her dream of studying law and specialized in Constitutional Law, Disability Law, and Human Rights Law. She is not just a lawyer. She is a beacon
of hope, aiming to try cases for people with disabilities, encouraging more individuals like her to enter the legal field. Sarah's parents, Sunny and Betty, faced their own trials and tribulations raising their three children, including Sarah and her twin sister Maria. But they never stopped believing. They emphasized the importance of a positive attitude, quality living environment, and providing opportunities for self-sufficiency and career guidance to children with disabilities.

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