DeafWire Edition - 2 April 2022

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Gender violence training for Deaf people

A Deaf advocate in Paraguay, Paola Daurte, says that Deaf women living in Paraguay don’t know their rights because of communication barriers. 90 Deaf people participated in Paola’s 6-hour gender-based violence training program. 

United Nations report around 736 million women face physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence, non-partner sexual violence, or both, at least once in their life. Studies showed the numbers of domestic violence against women and girls increased during the pandemic.


Deaf character in thriller movie

A South Korean thriller movie, “Midnight” is about a psychopathic killer and a Deaf woman playing hide-and-seek. The Deaf character is played by a hearing actress and the actress who played the killer appeared in Netflix’s “Squid Game.”

The movie goes silent often to get the audience to understand the difficulties Deaf people face. “Midnight” has been praised globally by various film critics, including receiving a 100% rating on the popular film critic website, Rotten Tomatoes. The movie was released last June 30th, 2021.


"Signing" food truck

Abey Khao is the first Deaf-owned food truck in Islamabad, Pakistan that is managed fully by Deaf staff. Abey Khao means “Eat Guys” in English. There are basic logos plastered on the outside of the truck to help their hearing customers learn some simple signs and communicate with staff while ordering their food.

One person that usually goes to Abey Khao says “normally, whenever we meet anyone who is Deaf, we don’t know how to communicate with them.” At Abey Khao, staff embrace their Deafness and encourage others to place their orders in sign language.

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Deaflympics update

For the Deaflympics to be safe, participants must have proof of negative PCR tests within 72 hours prior to travel, together with the proof of vacation at least 2 weeks before departure. In Brazil, everyone will be held in isolation while waiting for results from the Rapid Antigen test. Those who test positive will be sent to the hospital. Those who arrive without a valid vaccination certificate will have to quarantine themselves for 5 days and then undergo a PCR test.


Auto-captioned videos on Instagram

Instagram announced that it is now possible to enable auto-generated captions on videos on your Instagram feed. In the past, Instagram users had to transcribe captions manually for their videos, which was time-consuming. Instagram says that Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to learn and develop over time, so improvements will continue to happen.


Supporting mental health program

Robyn Lamsam, Hong Kong’s Olympic swimmer and her 5-year old Deaf son Kyle walked 70km to help raise money for a youth mental health program. The Weez Project’s ‘Weez Walk’ was launched after a 15-year old teenager killed himself and the project aims to raise awareness about mental health issues.
Robyn and Kyle aimed to raise HK$20,000, but to their surprise they received donations of more than HK$180,000 ($23,000 USD) after walking around Hong Kong Island.

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