DeafWire Edition – 21 January 2023

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Deaf woman sues for car

Ariel K. Cambell went to court against Transportation Network III LLC doing business as Todd Judy Ford East (TJFE) for forching her to buy a car that she couldn’t afford. The company submitted credit application for Ariel without her knowledge. Ariel is seeking compensatory and punitive damages, full restitution, attorney fees, court, and other costs.


Deaf Festival

Israel hosted its first Deaf festival in December. The event, called “Ahla”, was held over three days with performances, shows and even the World Cup with interpreter standing next to it. Sign language students practiced sign language in the cafe. Eti Swchwerzberg, who organized the festival, hopes to host it again in October 2024.


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Degree after 10 years

After the father discovered his six months old son was deaf, he and the Deaf boy’s grandma did everything to encourage him.He attended Deaf school and completed his education to become a teacher to teach Deaf youngers. After overcoming numerous obstacles, he was admitted to Stellenbosch University who gave him access to an interpreter. After ten years, Imran Bodalaji obtained his degree. He hopes to collaborate with another Deaf educator to make Deaf children’s dreams a reality.


Safety & Dangers of Social Media Workshop

The Ghana Association hosted a workshop with 18 young and older Deaf people to learn of safety and dangers of using social media. The aim was so that the youth can protect themselves and ensure that information is shared appropriately. In the training, it was observed that the majority of men own smartphones, however the majority of women do not, and it was intended to empower the women to use social media safely.

The Old Fogeys

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