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Raising Funds for unique pop-up Deaf book

Deaf author Becky Gage has prepared a book that uses pop-ups to display eight Deaf jokes/Zap jokes visually. Illustrations will be done by Sal Sanchez. a Deaf illustrator. The book has QR codes showing Deaf ASL signers. They are trying to raise the remaining money through Indiegogo needed to produce 1,000 books. More information can be seen at


Speech by Deaf contestant

Actress Rose Ayling-Ellis, the first Deaf contestant to win “Dancing with the Stars”, made a powerful speech at the Edinburgh TV Festival about being a Deaf person working in television. She is fed up with being the token Deaf character and believes that Deaf stories are ready to go mainstream and can be done together. She also urged TV broadcasters and streamers to add subtitles to all their programs.

The Old Fogeys Are Back!

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No interpreter after a car accident

Filip Skovin was shocked when an ambulance arrived after a car accident without an interpreter even though his manager called SOS Alarm to have an interpreter on site. The regional council, Västrä Götalandsregionen responded to the complaint and outlined their procedures which would be via video remote call so that an emergency interpreter could be sent if necessary.


First 'Sign TV'

Susan Mujaawa worked with a team of Deaf African journalists to set up Signs TV Uganda. Witha studio in Kampala, they made their first broadcast in April 2022 admist the COVID-19 pandemic and currently operate on Saturdays due to financial, technical and staffing constraints. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 136 million people in Africa have some degree of hearing loss.


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Celebrating Deaf Heritage

Several short movies made by Deaf filmmakers in British Sign Language (BSL) with English subtitles were shown in Glasgow, Kilmarnock, Inverness, and at the Filmhouse Edinburgh. One of the movies was “Scotland, Forgive Me” which was shortlisted for a prize at DeafFest 2022, “Kilmarnock, Their Story” highlighting the Ayshire Society for the Deaf, and “Deaf Creatives” portraying Scotland’s Deaf artists. Creative Director and Chief Executive at Solar Bear, a theater company, Jonathan Lloyd, said, “Deaf Heritage is a celebration of stories from the past, present and future of Scotland’s Deaf community.


Promoting Deaf cricket

Indian Deaf Cricket Association (IDCA) has partnered with INOX Leisure Ltd (INOX) which manages film theaters in India to show IDCA’s “Dare To Dream” film on their screens and lobby displays. INOX’s CEO Roma Balwani said INOX Leisure’s partnership with the IDCA marks a key milestone in their endeavor to maximize the potential and provide equal opportunities for people with disabilities and increase visibility for Deaf cricketers.


Deaf Organizations Claim Recognition of Sign Language

The Argentine Confederation of the Deaf (CAS) and more than 53 associations and institutions of Deaf people across the country gathered in front of the National Congress to claim the official recognition of the Argentine Sign Language (LSA) as natural language of Deaf people. The Disability Commission of the Chamber of Deputies agreed that recognition of Argentine Sign Language would be sought according to what was proposed during the meeting by deputies Dina Rezinovsky (PRO) and María Masin (Front of All).


Minister appoints first Deaf director of School

Alejandro Gaviria, Minister of Education, has appointed Geovani Meléndres as the new director of the National Institute for the Deaf (Insor). Gaviria, who is a linguist with a Mater’s degree in intercultural communication, ethnic education and diversity, becomes the first Deaf person in Insor’s 67-year history! He says “It is a great pride and responsibility to assume this challenge that constitutes an enormous advance for the country’s Deaf community.”

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