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ASL interpreters at White House

Elsie Stecker, a Deaf interpreter, and Lindsey Synder, a hearing interpreter have been
appointed by President Biden as full-time American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters at the White House.

Stecker and Snyder work together many hours a day, preparing, reading the news, and studying the White House schedule. When the news goes live, Snyder listens and interprets for Stecker. Stecker then signs it in front of the camera.


Deaf sisters among top 100 in exam

Deaf twin sisters, Lakshmi and Parvathy, did excellent on their Indian Engineering Services (IES) exams. Parvathy placed 74th and Lakshmi 75th.

They went to a mainstream school. Due to being Deaf, the sisters did not join any IES teaching classes and they studied through reading textbooks as well as received tutoring from their brother Vishnu.


Winning lawsuit against hospital

In 2018, a 60 year old Deaf woman, Rose Adams, was diagnosed with a rare blood disease.
The clinic refused to provide a sign language interpreter and medicated her without her consent – she had no idea what was going on.

She filed a lawsuit against the hospital. U.S. District court ordered the hospital to pay a $16,000 fine to an organization that provides services to people with disabilities. The organization helps Deaf people access interpreters for job interviews, weddings, funerals, and etc.

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Festival provides accessibility

Canada’s only Deaf theatre festival, “SOUND OFF” was held in Edmonton and virtually. There was an improv collection – they held workshops and discussion panels.

The festival made a huge impact in the Deaf theatre community. The Festival’s Artistic Director said even though a lot of hearing folks react awkwardly to Deaf Culture, opportunities still increased and more awareness was spread.


Argentina wants to demolish Deaf school, controversial Peru video goes viral

There’s a Deaf school in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Government wants to demolish it and create a museum instead. Students, teachers, and parents pleaded with the government to not demolish the building because of its rich Deaf history. Building is falling apart and the government won’t provide maintenance.

In Lima, Peru, a controversial video went viral on social media. The video was created by two YouTube video hosts. They laughed and commented on two Deaf women who experienced harassment and sexual violence. This is serious because 7 out of 10 women experience sexual harassment nationally and in Lima, it’s 9 out of 10 women..


Deaf Mexican Football Player, World Deaf Curling Championship in Canada

José Miguel Luna was born deaf and is fluent in Mexican Sign Language. He was the first Deaf football player and is now a motivational speaker. He wants to show people how to overcome their barriers.

The World Deaf Curling championship was held in Banff, Canada. 10 teams gathered from
Canada, the United States, Korea, Poland, Switzerland, and Ukraine. Alberta Deaf Sports
Association raised money to bring Ukrainian athletes to Banff.

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