DeafWire Edition – 26 November 2022

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Deaf Magician Couple

Matthew Morgan was interviewed by VoyageSTL about his success as a magician. It all started when he learned a coin trick from his grandfather who worked at a carnival at one time. Matthew’s first paid jig was performing at a church when he was just 11 years old! He has performed in all 50 states and 45 countries and met his wife at 2002 World Deaf Magicans Festival in Moscow, Russia! He says it hasn’t been a smooth road and the biggest challenge recently has been the COVID-19 pandemic where his magic business suddenly was all shut down. He and his wife Liliana, who also performs, are still trying to finetune online activities on Zoom.


Zoom improves accessibility

Zoom, an online video-calling platform, has added a new accessibility feature that allows users to assign sign language interpreters by clicking a “Sign Language Interpretation” button which informs all users that sign language interpreters are included in the meeting or webinar. The zoom user then clicks the button to see the interpreter.


Vodafone launches SuperCare

Vodafone, a telecom company has reintroduced a customer support line for Deaf students at Mampong Senior High Technical School for the Deaf. It is part of Vodafone’s strategic plan to make their platforms inclusive and accessible.


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Deaf boy attacked

The guardian of Reece, a 11-year-old Deaf student is demanding action from the police after Reece was attacked by two students from another school, Blythe Bridge High School which has taken ownership of this situation and taken disciplinary action. Since that incident, Reece feels unsafe going to the bus stop and is experiencing panic attacks.


Fake sign language interpreter

Another fake sign language interpreter has emerged in South Africa! It occured during South Africa POlice Minister Bheki Cele’s presentation where the interpreter signed unintelligibly and used fake gestures. This went viral. There will be regulations that punish someone who falsely interprets when sign language becomes an official South African language (SASL). This proposed amendment was published in May 2022 for public comment.

The Old Fogeys

See this week’s cartoon.

THE OLD FOGEYS – View cartoon


New life-saving service

Richard Webb-Stevens, a Deaf motorcycle paramedic works for the London Ambulance Service. He says users of British Sign Language (BSL) can access 999 emergency services anywhere in the UK by downloading the “999 BSL” app which can connect to emergency servicesincluding ambulance, police and fire services. It can also connect to an emergency sign language interpreter.


Deaf girl appeals to stay

A Deaf woman, Claire, whose name is changed for safety reasons, was taken away from her 16-year-old mother at birth in Apia, Samoa. After staying at different homes and experiencing abuse, household slavehood and being denied education, she reunited with her biological family in New Zealand. She appealed an deportation order after her NZ visa expired. The tribunal ruled Chloe can remain in New Zealand to live in a safe and loving environment.

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