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DeafNation World Expo

Since 2003, DeafNation Expo has been hosting trade shows for, by, and about Deaf people. This year, they held their world expo event in Las Vegas. DeafNation showcases a variety of programs like exhibitions, workshops, entertainment, sporting activities, presentation, and networking.

DeafNation believes that free entry tickets bring a diversity of participants who can share the culture, needs, language, and information of the Deaf community. 2022 Expo events will take place in different cities: Kansas City, Austin, Atlanta, Rochester, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Las Vegas. 


Deaf actor in new Disney+ series

Troy Kotsur, an Oscar-winning actor, will star in a new Disney+ series. The show is based on the true story of the California School for the Deaf, CSDR, Cubs’ 2021 football season – the team went undefeated and got all the way to the California State Championship. Troy will play the team’s coach.

In this new series, the cast, writing, and production team will include artists from the Deaf community. Troy will also be the executive producer along with Marlee Matlin. Several other Deaf people, including John Maucere and CSDR alumnus, will be part of the production.


Pleads for sign language training

Members of the Rwanda National Union of the Deaf, RNUD, requested healthcare providers to learn sign language to help reduce communication barriers and ease access to seeking medical services. Lack of privacy is also an issue because of a third person involved – the sign language interpreter.

There are over 70,000 people in Rwanda with hearing and speech loss. Deaf women and girls are at higher risk for adverse health outcomes compared to their hearing counterparts. Studies show that because of communication issues, Deaf patients visit their healthcare providers less. RNUD is working on getting at least 80% of midwives and nurses to take sign language classes.


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Deaf man paints Prime Minister's journey

Abhijeet Gotani, a Deaf artist from Assam, India painted Prime Minister, PM, Modi’s journey starting from when he was a young boy. Abhijeet travelled to Guwahati to meet with the government officials; he explained he wanted to gift his artwork to the PM in person.

Abhijeet and his mother went to Delhi to meet PM Modi in person. His mother interpreted for him. When the PM patted Abhijeet’s back, thanking him for the amazing artwork, his mother saw his eyes shining with happiness. Abhijeet said that this was a dream come true.


The Redeafination dance group

A dance group in Singapore called “The Redeafination” was formed in 2008 and is currently made up of five Deaf dancers.  The Redeafination participated in a music video of the National Day Parade, NDP, showing that being Deaf is challenging and rewarding in equal measure. The dance group was founded by two hearing dancers but over time it became Deaf only.

One of the dance group members, Sharifah, explained that the public thinks that Deaf people don’t enjoy music because they can’t hear it when it’s actually the opposite. She said that the lack of awareness about Deaf culture in the country pushed the group to educate the public about Singapore Sign Language and the barriers Deaf people face.


Deaf wood carver

Muhammad Yusuf Muran, a 55-year-old Deaf man from Kashmir, India, carves special sculptures out of luxury walnut wood, continuing a 200-year-old family business. He works for 9 hours almost everyday in his small workshop. He marks the wood with a pencil first, then uses a chisel and hammer to carve.

The length of time for each piece varies; a traditional hookah sculpture took him three weeks to complete, but the status of Saint George of Lydda took him 5 years. Muhammad’s son, Saqlin, said people used to take advantage of his father, paying so little, so he and his cousins opened a shop to sell to customers directly, profits increased and the family’s finances improved.

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