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Reviving Plains Indian Sign Language

A Deaf theater artist, Floyd Favel, is working hard to revive Plains Indian Sign Language (PISL). He discovered PISL in his early 20s at a Sun Dance ceremony, an indigenous ritual. An Assiniboine Elder used gestures similar to those of Favel’s Deaf grandmother, which sparked his interest. He says that it opened up a doorway of learning and possibility and led him to dedicate his life to learning and teaching PISL. Historically, PISL was not only used to support communication for Deaf people, but also for trade, hunting, and storytelling among different Indigenous groups. 


Deaf rapper rises to fame

In the Republic of Congo, MC Baba, a Deaf rapper has captured the attention of millions across social media platforms. His unique tracks are a blend of squeals and screams that do not form recognizable words, set to beats. MC Baba’s rise to fame has caused intense discussions, raising important questions about the representation and treatment of the Deaf community. 

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Deaf-friendly nightclub

Shanghai's nightlife has recently transformed with the support of BassBath at Heim, a techno club. Organized by Transparent Afternoon, the party aimed to create nightlife spaces that were inclusive of the Deaf and hearing communities. A recent event kicked off the first experience of inclusive nightlife space in Shanghai, and it started with an interactive ice-breaking session followed by a unique game led by a Deaf person to encourage non-verbal communication among the attendees. The event also showcased the talents of Deaf artists to all participants. Hearing attendees experienced a sign language rap performance by a Deaf rapper, Xumin. 

The Old Fogeys

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Accessible electoral debate

With Mexican Sign Language, the Third Debate for the Head of Government will be interpreted. Once again the Electoral Institute, the Human Rights Commission and the Electoral Tribunal, all of Mexico City, will coordinate efforts to interpret the Third Debate between the candidates for the Head of Government, with a signal produced in Mexican Sign Language.


Deafblind man capable of anything

A blind and deaf Saskatoon water skier has teamed up with a well-known artist to raise money for the national adaptive water ski team. Ryan Riehl began losing his vision at age nine as a result of a tumor growing on his optic nerve. In recent years he has also lost his hearing, but he hasn't let that stop him from doing what he loves. Riehl is preparing to compete with the national team at the World Disabled Water Ski Championships in Australia next spring. 

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