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Smartwatch provides Deaf access

Shani Bibi, the hearing daughter of Deaf parents named Miriam and Gavriel, is committed to addressing the challenges faced by Deaf Israelis during rocket sirens. In the first month of Israel's conflict against Hamas, Bibi moved into her parents' apartment. She would wake her Deaf parents in case of an emergency, ensuring they could reach a shelter within 90 seconds. Bibi, an Israeli entrepreneur, is the CEO and co-founder of her company, Child of Deaf Adults (Coda). She tested 20 models of smartwatches and found only one that could assist Deaf Israelis during emergencies by using AI to turn spoken words into real-time sign language. The Xiaomi 8 smartwatch solution connects to siren apps installed by the Home Front Command, which most Israelis have on their smartphones, enabling the smartwatch to vibrate and wake the user.


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Deaf artists fight for healthcare access

The Deaf Arts National Culture Entertainment (DANCE) is working to help people understand the challenges Deaf individuals face in accessing healthcare through their project, "Celebrating Deaf Culture: A Theatrical Journey of Inclusion and Empowerment." This project has been funded by a joint effort between The European Union and Culture Fund Zimbabwe, the European Union Delegation, Chicken Inn Hwange, Simabisa Brand, Zimparks, and Barberton Gym. This project consists of 20 Deaf artists showcasing their dance talents in a play called 'Miscommunication.' The play highlights the difficulties Deaf people experience in communicating with doctors unfamiliar with Zimbabwe Sign Language (ZSL) and lacking interpreters. This communication gap often leads to confusion and receiving the wrong help and support.

The Old Fogeys

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Ombudsman proposes Employment Bill for inclusion of people with disabilities

In La Paz, as part of coordinated efforts with Departmental Federations of people with disabilities, Ombudsman Pedro Callisaya Aro has presented the Labor Inclusion of People with Disabilities Bill to the Legislative Assembly (ALP). The bill has six chapters and thirty-five articles that proposes equal opportunities, measures for equal working conditions, support for self-employment and productive ventures for people with disabilities, as well as monitoring mechanisms and fines for non-compliance with established measures. The Ombudsman explained that "The objective of this bill is to present a series of measures for equal opportunities, equal working conditions, support for self-employment, and productive ventures.”


New Cinema Without Barriers app for people with disabilities to enjoy movies

In Bogota, Colombia, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (MinTic) has launched the Cinema Without Barriers app, an internet connection platform designed to provide access to the world of cinema for individuals with hearing, visual, or cognitive disabilities. The app has Audio description, Special subtitles and Colombia Sign Language interpretation. Currently, there are over 100 contents available for Colombians on Cinema Without Barriers, including movies and series.

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