DeafWire Edition – 5 November 2022


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Bikeboom Deaf cycling event

In October, Deaf people gathered in Bentonville, Arkansas for the 2nd annual Bikeboom Deaf cycling event. This three day event also raises funds to support Deaf athletes in mountain and road race events. Bentonville is known as the Mountain Bike Capital of the World.


Malaysian Sign Language development

Dr. Anthony Alexander Chong has contributed to the Malaysia Deaf Community for 40 years in various capacities as activist, advocate, educator, facilitator, speaker and researcher. He said most Deaf organizations in Malaysia provide welfare services but do not contribute to development of Malaysian Sign Language (BIM). He has made it his goal to get involved and wants to see BIM used in both everyday life and in the formal education system.

The Old Fogeys Are Back!

See this week’s cartoon.

THE OLD FOGEYS – View cartoon


Deaf stall owners

A Deaf couple in Nashik runs a small food stall serving panipuri – water and fried puffed crisp dough balls which is a popular street food in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. They prepare the food at home and serve them at their food stall. After posting a clip of their food stall got nearly 4 million views, their Instagram account grew to 427k followers!


Rugby World Cup Championship

The governemnt of Cordoba province says they plan to extend their support for the next Rugby World Cup Championships which will be held in April 2023 in Cordoba. Both the Official World Deaf Rugby Facebook page and the ICSD website has not yet listed the dates of this Championship.

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Treatment of Deaf patient investigation

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has fined University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) NHS Trust £8,000 for its inadequate treatment of a Deaf patient. The UBH staff did procedures on the Deaf patient over a five month period without permission from the Deaf patient or his family as the staff thought the Deaf man was not able to make decisions himself. Bernadette Hanney, the CQC’s Head of Hospital inspection said, “They should have made much more effort to communicate with him in a way that he understood, every time”.


False information on Sign Language

The Deaf community in India have expressed outrage at a report “Literature Review on Sign Language Generation” which says “The deaf and dumb community use sign language to communicate. Sign languages have a very limited set of words.The grammar is difficult to understand.” Sibaji Panda, Director of Happy hands School for the Deaf feels the authors have no understanding of sign language and Deaf people and felt very disheartened to read it.

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