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Stabbed and not provided with an interpreter

Angila West, a mother in Oklahoma, United States was shocked to find her Deaf son, Bobby Osborne, stabbed and hospitalized without being informed by the police or hospital. She discovered him barely conscious on her couch, bleeding from his stab wounds. Bobby, who is Deaf and communicates using American Sign Language (ASL), was unable to inform anyone of his situation while in hospital. His mother only learned about the incident after Bobby was released and found on her couch. Despite being released, Bobby was still bleeding, and the hospital had sent him home alone in the same blood-soaked clothes he went in with. When West contacted the police and hospital to inform them that Bobby was still bleeding from his stab wounds, she received little assistance. The Oklahoma City Police Department stated they strive to communicate with all victims but did not provide an explanation for not providing an interpreter for Bobby.


Film with Deaf character wins awards

A 2023 documentary called “Name Me Lawand”, which focuses on a Deaf main character, recently won big at two major film festivals. The film is a story about a five-year-old profoundly Deaf Kurdish boy named Lawand, who is on a quest to navigate through a world to find people like him and people who will understand him. Lawand takes a dangerous journey with his family fleeing from Iraq to Derby, UK home to the Royal School of the Deaf. The film shows Lawand blossom as he connects with the Derby Deaf community while facing the threat of deportation. The film is a great representation of diversity and inclusion as it highlights the experiences of Deaf people and refugees, and includes the Kurdish, English, and British Sign Language (BSL) languages. 

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Deaf Bowling League

The Bahraini Federation for Deaf Sports (BFDS) organized the first Bahrain Deaf Bowling League for 2024 in January this year. Six teams competed for first place in this year’s league at a well-known sporting club in Bahrain. The teams were the Capital Governorate Team, the Northern Governorate Team, the Southern Governorate Team, the Al-Muharg Governorate Team, the Ittihad Team, and the Deaf Team. The BFDS stated that there were strong teams to kick off the first bowling league of the year and it was a tight race to the end, with the Capital Governorate Team snatching the champions title.  

The Old Fogeys

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Deaf woman graduates despite challenges

María Fernanda Galicia Aguilar from Mexico, was diagnosed with severe deafness at the age of three. She defied statistics by graduating with a degree in Graphic Design at Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla (BUAP). Initially communicating with sign language, she learned to read lips and this became how she communicated with hearing people. In Mexico, only 21 out of 100 people with hearing impairment attend school, making Maria’s achievement even more notable. Passionate about art, this was Maria’s motivation in overcoming significant challenges in communication during her studies. 


Hockey player selected in national team

Stewart DeLange, a hockey player from St. Clair Shores, has been selected to be part of the U.S. National Deaf Hockey Team at the Jeff Sauer International Deaf Hockey Series in Buffalo, New York. At 20 years old, DeLange, who has played hockey since the age of six, is excited to represent his country and share the experience with lifelong friends who are also part of the team. The tournament, scheduled for April 11-14 2024, will feature men's teams from Canada, Czech Republic, Finland and the U.S., as well as women's teams from the U.S. and Canada. 

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