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DeafDigest – 28 November 2012

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 28, 2012


— angry deaf teenager wins $385,000 for wrong deafness diagnosis

Liam Burke, a 17-year old Irish deaf male, is profoundly deaf. He
sued an audiologist and the Health Service Executive (HSE) because
they said he was mildly deaf at birth and CI not necessary. When
he got older he got angry after realizing he was profoundly deaf,
too late for a CI. In a settlement, HSE and audiologist would not
admit guilt but agreed to give Liam $385,000.

— a vote stolen from a deaf person

William Amey, a former deaf resident of Griswold Heights, NY, did not
vote in the 2009 Democratic primary election. Someone else did, using
Amey’s voter registration card. The signature on the card was forged.
This testimony was part of the court trial, accusing the local
Democratic party of fraud in voting in the 2009 primary.

— a deaf immigrant refusing welfare checks

Xiong Haoju, a deaf woman from China moved to USA 2 years ago,
knowing no ASL but knowing Chinese Sign Language. Her goal was
to find a job and not to stay home and collect welfare benefits.
In China, she was not permitted to find a job. Here in USA, she
found a job at a seafood market. A social service agency helped
her get the job. Her boss is very happy with her.


— world’s smallest hearing aid for the world’s smallest man

British actor Michael Henbury, who is 2’11 tall, plays goblin and elf
roles in movies. He was losing his hearing and needed a hearing aid.
The problem was that hearing aids on the market were too big for his
ear. A hearing aid manufacturer came up with a custom-built device
to fit his ear. Happy with his hearing aid, he has to remind himself
to take it out at night when he goes to sleep.


— deaf clubs must be careful with money

It happens from time to time that a deaf club treasurer would steal
money. Last week the treasurer of the Jacksonville Community Senior
Deaf Association in Illinois stole $2,500. The treasurer has been
arrested and is awaiting trial. Said a deaf resident of Jacksonville
– I was surprised; she is a graduate of Illinois School for the Deaf.
It is important that club officers must keep an eye on the club
treasury instead of blindly trusting the club treasurer.

— a deaf carpenter job opening at deaf school in Framingham, MA

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