DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 30, 2014



— a fear about these new captioning rules

As we all know, FCC is pushing hard on captioning rules.
This should be great news for us – but there is a fear.
The FCC allows TV stations, cable operators and producers
to ask for permission NOT to caption. FCC may say “ok
not to caption” if they prove that captioning costs
will make them broke! Are these FCC captioning rules
sometimes a joke? Yes!


— a deaf video director for a big time hearing team

Hawick Rugby Football Club (hearing) is one of the best
rugby teams in Scotland. They play in a top rugby league.
This team has a video director who takes videos of all
games and practices. The players and coaches study these
videos to learn how to improve themselves in action.
This video director is Adam Easton. He is deaf, and knows
sign language.

— a successful deaf fake-singer

Many famous singers fake their songs by lip-synching
the music in the background. This is a scandal that everyone
laughs about. Well, Lindsey Diane Alton is deaf and she is a
disk jockey in the Syracuse, New York area. As a joke, she
did a fake-song. Much to her surprise, she received 85,000,000
youtube hits! Her real job is a newspaper reporter for the
Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper, and on the side she is the
disk jockey for local events. She does not use ASL.





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