DeafDigest Gold – March 4, 2012

DeafDigest Gold – March 4, 2012

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 15, 2012

— Deafness was a secret with a famous TV actress

Charlene Tilton, who played the role of Lucy Ewing
in the famous TV series – Dallas, during the early
eighties, was deaf. It was a secret with everyone.
Her TV producer and director knew nothing about it.
Her hearing aids were hidden in her hair. Why a
secret? She was afraid she would not be hired if
TV people knew of her deafness!


– An important deaf man in the Japanese court system

The courts in Japan operate differently from USA.
In Japan, lay judges handle non-jury court trials.
They have no law degrees, but investigate the cases,
study the evidence and decide if the defendants are
guilty or not guilty. One lay judge, Tomaru Takayuki,
is deaf and uses sign language. He has interpreters
in the court room. He is Japanese’s first deaf lay judge.

— New Zealand Parliament fights deaf legislator

New Zealand Parliament won’t pay for electronic
notetaking needs for Mojo Mathers, the first
deaf member of Parliament. Her party will pay but
may seek legal action to get money back from the
Parliament. She gave a speech, saying that Parliament
speaker’s attitude is wrong. New Zealand’s “ADA”
gives rights to the deaf. When Gary Malkowski
was in Ontario’s parliament, they paid for his
interpreters. It is different in New Zealand.
Already the New Zealand papers said the Speaker
spends money on trips, art, parties, but not
a penny on deaf devices!


— A comedy about audism in a theatrical play

Playwright Nina Raine, not deaf, wrote a play,
“Tribes” going on now in an Australian theater.
While the phrase – audism – is not mentioned
in the play, it is so obvious. The play is
about a deaf boy that struggles with his
hearing father that wants “perfect” speech,
“perfect” lipreading, “perfect” acceptance
into hearing world. The deaf boy rebels and
joins the Deaf Community. The father is upset.
The deaf character in the comedy is deaf
himself. The audience is mostly hearing and
they laugh at the comedy.


— Why was Super Bowl ASL Sing Signer ignored on TV?

The list below shows ASL Sing Signers that were shown
on TV in the past Super Bowls:

1993 – Marlee Matlin
1995 – Heather Whitestone
2007 – Marlee Matlin, again

all others were ignored on TV
It is obvious. If the signer is famous, she will be
televised. If she is not famous, the TV will ignore her.
Shame on these TV people for their attitude!


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 1, 2012

– A new national organization of deaf truck drivers?

Possible good news for deaf individuals that want to become
truck drivers. The Department of Transportation will allow
deaf individuals to apply for Class A and B Commercial
Drivers Licenses and to drive across state lines. There
is a Facebook group for Deaf Truck drivers. Just go into
Facebook and look for it.

— Some deaf Egyptians earn full pay checks for not going to work!

Egypt requires businesses with over 50 employees to set aside
5 percent of jobs for the deaf and the disabled. Many employers
hate that law but “hire” the deaf to prove that they obey it.
They tell the deaf to stay home and not come to work! Why?
Egyptians look down on the deaf and the disabled. They don’t
want to be seen being with the deaf. Very sad.

— 16 percent of state without E-911 emergency relay services for the deaf

Missouri has 114 counties and one independent city. How many
of these counties lack E-911 emergency relay services for the
deaf? There are 18 counties without E-911 service. It is 16
percent of Missouri not accessible to the deaf!

— A hearing person arrested for yelling at a deaf person

When a hearing person yells at us, we hate it. We often
don’t know why he is yelling. Well, a hearing ex-boyfriend
yelled at his deaf ex-girl friend. He yelled when she tried
to use her computer several times to contact the police
to ask for protection. He shut down her computer without
touching her. But it scared the deaf woman. The police came
and arrested him, charging him of assault and intimidation.
The assault was because he put her in fear. The police told
her to get a restraining order.

— Sign language more popular than English in South Africa

South Africa has 11 official languages plus other 20-25 unofficial
languages. Sign language is not an official South African language,
yet it is the nation’s 9th most popular language, higher than
English! Thandile Sunduza, chairperson of the National Assembly’s
Arts and Culture committee, said:

Sign language is used more than English


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 11, 2012

— Was Alexander Graham Bell really a bad person?

Many people hate Alexander Graham Bell for two
reasons; he supported oralism; he thought deaf
people should not marry each other. Yet, he had
a brillant mind with many ideas – the phonograph,
boating technology, taking salt out of seawater,
the National Geographic Magazine, etc, etc.
This is the reason why he and Thomas Edison,
the famous deaf inventor, hated each other
(jealousy). And remember, his telephone made TTY
possible many years later.


— A deaf soccer player thrown out of game for not
obeying the whistle!

Philip John Dolan is a deaf member of a hearing
soccer team in Scotland. In a game last week, he
thought he scored a goal and jumped up, happy.
The referee blew the whistle just before the score.
Philip, not knowing the whistle, still jumped around.
The angry referee threw him out of the game. The team
did warn the referee, before the game, that Philip
was deaf. But the referee ignored it. The team is
filing a protest with the league headquarters. The
referee refused to answer questions from a newspaper.


— a 86-year old deaf woman got a letter telling her
of her apartment eviction on Christmas Day

A 86-year old deaf woman received a letter from the
Toronto Community Housing Authority (TCHA). It told her
she would be evicted from her apartment on Christmas Day!
Her angry neigbhors accused TCHA of being cruel to
her and violating her human rights. TCHA backed off and
allowed her to stay. And the Canadian Hearing Society
stepped in, trying to resolve this issue.


— A deaf woman wins a TV reality show contest

Chivonne Chapman, who is deaf, with husband Adam, not
deaf, competed against three other hearing couples on
the popular British TV reality show – Four Weddings.
They won the top prize, a free honeymoon. As with other
reality shows, these participants vote on several
questions. Chivonne said that Adam helped the win the
contest because he learned enough signs to improve his
communications with her. Does it look fishy? (How did
he communicate with her while they were dating?)


— Cost of captioned commercials during the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is Big Time business. A 30-second commercial
cost is $3.5 million dollars, sometimes $4.0 million
dollars. Many commercials are not captioned. Why? The
TV people say captioning is “very” expensive. Truth is
that captioning work is about $125.00 for each 30-second
commercial. The TV people are trying to fool us by saying
they go broke on money spent on captioned commercials!
To see the captioning costs, look at: