Fogeys – Budget Cut in Deaf Services

Budget Cut in Deaf Services


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DeafDigest Gold – March 23, 2014

DeafDigest Gold – March 23, 2014

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 5, 2012


— Must pay $9,500 to learn sign language!

The parents of a deaf child in Devon, Great Britain wanted to
learn British Sign Language. The Devon County Council told them
the cost is £6,000 ($9,500 in USA money) to take the course. The
parents are angry. A big newspaper story laughed at the county
council. The Devon government is trying to find a way for them
to take classes at no cost.

— Value of NTID bachelor’s degree?

The Social Security Administration, working with NTID, figured out
the value of a NTID bachelor’s degree. They said these graduates
earn an average salary of $36,000 per year by the age of 50!
DeafDigest thinks the SSA research does not look right. But this
story was printed in the Inside Higher Ed. Gallaudet graduates?
The Social Security Administration never asked Gallaudet for


— Deaf kid punished for having the wrong name?

Hunter Spanjer is a deaf kid, son of deaf parents in Nebraska.
The parents taught him the name-sign as identification. It
resembled hunting in ASL. Hunter’s school told him he cannot
use that sign because it is “violent.” Parents were upset;
the newspapers laughed at the school district. Later, the
school district denied ordering the kid to change his name
sign! Dangerous name? Hunter is an almost-common name


— A big job risk in Little Rock

We know that a person, knowing no ASL, was hired as a
state interpreter in Arkansas. When deaf community
screamed, she was transferred to a different job.
Well, David McDonald, not deaf, was a hero! As a state
employee, he was ordered to sign papers to send the
interpreter to a training program. He refused, and
risked being fired by the angry director. He said:

An interpreter we hire should be able to interpret
from the start


— A CI fund raising drive for nothing!

Parents of Alfie Spraggon in United Kingdom raised £20,000
($31,600 in USA dollars) to pay for his CI. But the operation
has been canceled! Why? Because the doctors told him that he
is “not deaf enough” to get a CI. What to do with the money?
The parents will give it to a “deaf enough” child for his CI.


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