DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 6, 2012


— Marlee Matlin stuck with a non-captioned movie

Marlee Matlin requires all of her performances (TV, movies)
to be captioned. But her four children wanted to watch a movie
– Men in Black 3. It was not captioned at a theater near her
home. The captioned movie was 15 miles away with these crazy
showtimes – at 11 AM and at 1045 PM. And these types of
captions – OC, CV, and RWC were confusing. And the Captioned
Eyeglasses were not available. Marlee had no choice but to
make her kids happy, so went to the noncaptioned movie!
She was not too happy about it.


— Does Dr Phil want to get rid of intellectually disabled deaf?

Dr Phil is famous for his TV talk shows, discussing people’s
problems. But on the April 13th show, he suggested that parents
should put to death their intellectually disabled children.
While Dr Phil did not mention the deaf, his hint was strong.
Organizations of the disabled protested and demanded that
Dr Phil apologize. One of these organizations was the National
Association of the Deaf.


— a new “deaf” comic book

From time to time we have deaf characters in a comic
book story. The latest deaf character was an idea about
a deaf kid! Anthony Smith, the deaf 4-year old kid from
New Hampshire, refused to wear his blue hearing aid,
saying that comic book characters do not wear blue
ears. His mother then wrote a letter to Marvel Comics,
explaining her son’s refusal to wear a hearing aid.
Suddenly it became an idea – and a new comic book
was created, called – Anthony Smith is the Blue Ear,
as the superhero who became deaf. On the cover, the
Blue Ear’s comment, while on the rooftop,  was this:

Thanks to my listening device, I hear someone in trouble


— a different kind of sign language movie

In India, there is a project that will show sign language
interpreters in hearing movies. It same as a sign language
interpreter hidden in a corner in news TV programs.
Instead of captions, a box of a sign language interpreter
will be located at one corner of the screen. Is it
something that the deaf in USA will prefer – sign language
in a corner instead of captions?


— a group picture at NTID of USA’s possibly largest all-deaf family

Last week Melody Frink was mentioned as part of an all-deaf
family of 11 children with deaf parents. Here is a picture
of this all deaf-family:




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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 4, 2012

— The nation’s only deaf TV reporter

Years back, we had several deaf TV reporters. But
now, there is only one. Why? Some reporters had
their TV programs canceled. And some of them passed
away. Now, who is the only deaf TV reporter?
It is Karen Meyer, who is on TV twice a week with the
Chicago’s ABC News station. She discusses issues about
the disabled.


— Year 2011 Strangest Deaf News

What is the Strangest Deaf News of 2011? It was when
two deaf men were chatting with each other in ASL at
a Florida bar. An angry hearing woman thought ASL was
Gang Sign Language, She stabbed both of them with her
knife! Yes, the police arrested her.


— A future hearing aid is smaller than a dot

Hearing aids are getting smaller and becoming more
invisible. Engineer Bahram Azizollah Ganji, not deaf,
is building a hearing aid that is smaller than a dot,
which makes it invisible. He said deaf people can wear
it and hearing people would not know about it. He also
says this tiny hearing aid would be as powerful as
some of the bigger hearing aids. He is hoping to
manufacture it for a much lower cost than these
$5,000 hearing aids.


— Our 30,000 deaf college students?

How many deaf and hard of hearing students attend
American colleges? A survey said 30,000 students.
The survey did not say if it also counts students
from Gallaudet, NTID, CSUN and SWCID. This survey
also did not say if it is 4-year colleges only
or if it includes both 2-year and 4-year colleges.


— Captioned movies in 3-D?

Some electronics manufacturers are building 3-D Home
Movie Theaters. Strange, because there are too few
3-D movies available for showing. Anyway, could these
3-D movies be captioned? Yes, according to observers
that have watched these open and closed captioned
demonstrations. Still – too few 3-D films around.