Interpreters often show up at assignments, not knowing
the sign language levels of their clients. Do they
require ASL or word for word interpreting? And
some clients only want just ASL while others require
word for word detail.

Interpreters that arrive at the last minute may
do the client disservice because of lack of
comfort level between both of them.

There are interpreters that say they can only
interpret for a short time because of the need
to rush to another assignment (and again, another
assignment)! Again, this causes disservice to the

Clients need to tell interpreter where he should
be positioned with the speaker. The interpreter
cannot always assume the positioning is what the
client wants.

Many deaf clients lack manners – not paying
attention to interpreters, chatting among
themselves, creating noise, etc. Interpreters
are trained to ignore these bad manners.

Interpreter’s job is to just to interpret, not
to give advice on life problems and life issues!

Interpreter’s job is to just to interpret, not
to explain the meanings of words and comments.

Interpreters do not know everything – medical,
legal, technical stuff. There are interpreters
that are trained in these fields.

Deaf clients should not use friends or family
members as interpreters – for reasons of bias
and neutrality.