Position: Speech and Language Pathologist

Definition: The Speech and Language Pathologist assesses the communication
and language skills of students (using formal and informal assessment
tools), in terms of present functioning, potential for effective speech
skills, and determining the most effective modalities for development
of proficient language and communication abilities and/or

Requirements: M.A. in Speech & Language Pathology

Current ASHA license as a CCC-SLP or candidate has met all
requirements to participate in CFY mentoring.
Massachusetts DESE licensure as a Teacher or eligible to be licensed
by Massachusetts DESE.

Verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to
communicate in American Sign Language or willingness to take
regular ASL classes with the goal of becoming proficient.
Experience with children and families preferred.

Functions and Responsibilities:
Assess communication skills and determines appropriate speech,
language, and pragmatics goals for each student.
Prepares an individual communication program for each student,
involving written goals and strategies to be implemented.
Provides direct service to students in the areas of language
development, functional speech skills, spoken English,
communication strategies, repair strategies, oral-motor skills,
and communication pragmatics in either a one-to-one therapy
setting or small group approach.
Communicates regularly with parents, teachers, therapists (both
in school and with those serving the student outside of school)
regarding student progress.
Collaborates regularly with teaching staff and other professionals
to provide well-integrated services across disciplines, as needed.
Participates as a member of each student’s educational TEAM,
attending IEP and planning meetings requested.
Complies with students’ IEPs and submits quarterly progress reports.
Conducts thorough triennial assessments, as recommended by
special education regulation, to provide an evaluation of progress
and to recommend future approach and direction.
Videotape each student quarterly during therapy to obtain
live language sampling and to document speech and language
For younger students who utilize cochlear implants (CI), monitor
battery life and appropriate settings and plan.
Communicate regularly with CI Center that follows each student
who utilizes a cochlear implant.