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Top News of the Month

January 2018

The Community Healthcare Advocacy Team for Individuals with
Disabilities, based in Pennsylvania, was duly noted for
working with doctors, medical students, social service agencies
on how to best serve the deaf with their medical needs, especially
with interpreters.

February 2018

Danny Aaluk, who is deaf, is the #1 artist/illustrator
in Nunavut, located in Canada’s newest and largest and
northernmost territory. With a population of just
30,000 people, everyone, including businesses, depend
on to do art work for them.

March 2018

There was a story of International Deaf Emergency,
an organization that helps the deaf survivors
of catastrophes (earthquakes, hurricanes,
tornadoes, etc) anywhere in the world.

April 2018

An insult and a praise in the same statement in
Pakistan! Abbas Ahsan, a government official said:

deaf and dumb people have their own capabilities
and we should support them

This means deaf people are insulted as being also
dumb, but at the same time praising them for
being capable citizens?

May 2018

A deaf man who was fired from his job filed
a lawsuit. He said he was never trained for the
tasks he was supposed to do, and which led to
the employers firing him, saying he was

June 2018

Is EMA ignoring the needs of the deaf of Puerto Rico?
It was FEMA that backed out of their promise to provide
interpreters for the deaf in Puerto Rico. An activist
implied that FEMA has violated deaf Puerto Ricans’
ADA needs!

July 2018

Deafness being reversed? Scientists at the
National Institute on Deafness and Other
Communication Disorders said that a “switch”
is possible to reverse hereditary deafness.

August 2018

The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard
is setting up a hotline to give advice to parents of
newly born deaf babies.

September 2018

First-year medical students at the University of Rochester
are learning about deaf culture. This is part of a new
plan to help new doctors relate to deaf patients.

October 2018

At a deaf awareness event, an advocate said:
The deaf culture, as a whole, doesn’t even feel like
we have a disability. We just call it “deaf”


November 2018

Everyone knows that Washington, DC has a ASL Starbucks
store. Yet, there was a story in a newspaper in
Malaysia which credits its own Malaysian Sign Language
Starbucks store, and that a team of Starbucks USA
people came over to study how it works. There was
no reference in the newspaper about the Washington, DC
store – just that it was referred as a USA Starbucks
store. Strange? Yes!

December 2018

The Colorado Department of Human Resources has
established the Rural Interpreting Service Project
Pilot. The goal is to provide rural deaf with
interpreters upon need.