THE LEARNING CENTER FOR THE DEAF Walden School Wraparound Program INTENSIVE CARE COORDINATOR POSITION: Intensive Care Coordinator DEFINITION: Under the supervision and direction of the Wraparound Program Director, the Intensive Care Coordinator (ICC) is responsible for utilizing the Wraparound model (National Wraparound Initiative) to provide care coordination to families with a deaf or hard of hearing member. ICC’s link youth and their parent/caregiver with community resources and help them manage situations that would otherwise disrupt the stability of the youth in the home and community. REQUIREMENTS: Second language fluency in American Sign Language or ability to demonstrate progressing ASL skills FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES • Conducting a comprehensive, home-based assessment inclusive of the CANS and other tools as determined necessary, which occurs in the youth’s home or another location of the family’s choice • Identifying with the youth and family-appropriate members of the Care Plan Team (CPT) • Facilitating the development and implementation of a youth- and family-centered Individual Care Plan (ICP) in collaboration with the family and collaterals • Developing a safety plan in collaboration with the youth and family and collaterals • Maintaining regular contact with the family, youth (where appropriate), and other relevant persons in the youth’s life (collaterals) • Facilitating CPT meetings • Maintaining face-to-face contact with the youth and family, as determined by the youth and family and members of the CPT 1/6/12 cjf • Making referrals and linkages to appropriate supports as identified in the ICP • Identifying and developing natural supports with the youth and family • Assisting with system navigation • Providing family education, advocacy, and support • Identifying and actively assisting the youth and family to obtain and monitor the delivery of available services including medical, educational, social, therapeutic, or other services • Monitoring, reviewing, and updating the ICP to reflect the changing needs of the youth and family Minimum Qualifications: ICC’s must have a Master’s Degree in counseling, social work or related clinical field. A BA degree in a human service field with five years experience providing Wraparound services will be considered. Applicant must have strong spoken English skills, proficient ASL skills and knowledge of the Deaf Community, culture and language. Applicants must posses a valid Massachusetts driver’s license and vehicle. Time flexibility is essential. Each application will be carefully reviewed, and those candidates who are most qualified will be invited for an interview. The Learning Center for the Deaf is an Equal Opportunity Employer.