DEFINITION: The Overnight Child Care Supervisor is responsible for the management of his/her
overnight child care program, while remaining awake. This includes direct
supervision of the Child Care Workers; development and implementation of
structures, procedures, and interventions that meet the needs of students and are
congruent with programs philosophy; oversight of programming to ensure safe and
effective service deliver. The Overnight Supervisor is also responsible for the safety
and supervision of the students during these critical hours, ensuring the students
remain safe and comfortable throughout the night.
REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science
2+ years direct childcare experience in residential treatment with Deaf children
A second language fluency in ASL
Verbal and written communication at sufficient levels to ensure effective
and appropriate communication
1. Supervision:
A. Provide direct and close supervision to Child Care Workers.
B. Review and ensure that Child Care Workers complete logs, incident reports, and
other documentation as required.
C. Ensure consistency and structure in the milieu on a daily basis.
D. May be delegated and trained to conduct medication administration or certain
medical procedure responsibilities for students
2. Direct Care Responsibilities:
A. Conduct hourly check in calls to the voice and or TTY answering machine or
through e-mail. Including an initial check in call reporting arrival time and status of
the children
B. Respond to all needs of the students throughout the night and
morning hours, including but not limited to supervision, support, crisis intervention,
and behavior management.
C. Conduct room checks at least 4 times each hour.
D. 100% supervision for students determined to be high risk for
self-injurious behaviors. The Overnight counselor will stay directly in front of the
door. Door opened and student monitored.
E. Attend to enuresis and encopresis episodes. Clean sheets put on students bed,
after bed is properly cleaned. Students are not to change the sheets if wet or
encopresis. Counselor responsible for this area.
F. Motion Detectors: Motion detectors will be utilized to increase the levels of safety
in the program. They are not to be considered a primary means of supervision, but
rather secondary. The primary means of supervision of the students is the
counselors. Ensure that all movement identified by the detectors alarm is looked
into immediately.
G. Record all occurrences in the student’s daily log.
H. Ensure any concerns are appropriately communicated to all
agency personnel including high-risk behaviors.
I. Maintain the cleanliness of the home. Household duties include
but are not limited to:
- Vacuum program
- Complete all laundry for the evening
- Mending clothes as needed
- Emptying rubbish
J. Adhere to Walden School Policies:
- Maintain current certification in crisis management
(ability to physically restrain major requirement of position)
- Maintain current First Aid/CPR certifications
- Attend weekly staff meetings
- Attend weekly supervisions
- Working knowledge of Walden School policies and procedures
- Consistently follow agency policies and procedures
3. Program Management:
A. Ensure that all Child Care Workers are following all program policies and
B. Responsible for staff coverage, scheduling, and vacation approval.
C. Provide insight and feedback for Residential Supervisors:
1. Clothing: ensure that children have clean clothes in good condition that fit them.
2. Personal Hygiene/Hair Grooming: ensure children have necessary
products for personal hygiene and hair grooming.
D. Ensure fire drills. Report any concerns to the attention of the Director.
E. Ensure that all Child Care Workers complete required trainings.
4. Program Development:
A. Work with the administrative team to assess program effectiveness, revise policies
and procedures as needed, and develop goals for continued growth and
Must be physically able to perform all duties of the job including restraining assaultive students
when necessary, pursuing running students and participating in sports and recreation activities with
students. Job may also include prolonged standing, frequently lifting up to 50 pounds, pushing,
pulling, bending, stooping, twisting, reaching above shoulder level as well as reacting quickly to
minimize escalating behavioral outbursts.
Each application will be carefully reviewed, and those candidates who are most qualified will be invited
for an interview. The Learning Center for the Deaf is an Equal Opportunity Employer.