DEFINITION: The Substitute Classroom Teacher is responsible for providing
quality educational service to Walden School students. This
includes planning creative lessons and classes that satisfy IEP
goals, maintaining a classroom environment that fosters learning,
and implementing behavior or treatment plans as they apply to the
classroom setting.
• Bachelors Degree in Education/Deaf Education.
• 2 – 4 years teaching experience in an elementary or secondary
classroom preferred.
• A valid drivers license and a clean driving record as
determined by Human Resources is required.
• A second language fluency in ASL.
• Verbal and written communication skills are at sufficient level
to ensure effective communication.
• Interpersonal skills developed to a level which will allow
smooth cooperation at all levels within the agency.
SUPERVISOR: Educational Director
Assesses the educational needs of students.
Prepares daily lesson plans and educational programming consistent with students’
Individualized Educational Plans.
Writes and implements lesson plans to reflect all major areas of instruction appropriate to the
academic level of each student.
Makes lesson plans available in a conspicuous place in the classroom.
Prepares and submits weekly lesson plans to the Educational Director when requested.
Provides detailed lesson plans and assignments for classroom assistants.
Develops, in consultation with the Educational Director, an individual system for evaluating the
success of lesson plans.
Maintains a safe, therapeutic classroom environment conducive to learning.Develops thematic units that identify long-range goals and objectives with respect to the
educational and emotional needs of the students, taking into account the varying learning styles
of individual students.
Prepares instructional materials incorporating principles of effective instruction, such as: visual
aids, curriculum modifications, and mediated learning principles.
Develops, in consultation with the Educational Director, a record keeping system for
assignments, attendance, student progress, and grades.
Maintains a folder of activities and assignments for substitute teachers.
Works with the educational team on curriculum development.
Organizes and plans off-campus activities that support students’ educational, emotional, and
safety needs.
Defines clearly the rules, schedules, and routines to students through verbal and/or written
Provides each student with individualized instructional help as needed.
Maintains a clean, organized, decorated classroom that invites learning.
Writes educational portions of IEPs, quarterly reports, and other reports as necessary, according
to established deadlines.
Prioritizes maintaining student and environmental safety.
Identifies and documents all activity in/out of school in the daily logs.
Demonstrates flexibility and creativity intervening with students using methods which reflect the
treatment philosophy of Walden School.
Demonstrates the ability to anticipate, identify and actively resolve potential/actual student
problems in an efficient, constructive manner.
Demonstrates appropriate critical incident follow-up skills by timely reporting and
documentation in accordance with state and agency policy.
Intervenes in disruptive/destructive student situations, providing timely therapeutic interventions
utilizing the least restrictive alternatives.
Utilizes physical interventions consistent with the Professional Assault Crisis Training Program.
May be delegated and trained to conduct medication administration or certain medical procedure
responsibilities for students.Demonstrates the ability to function as an effective member of the interdisciplinary team.
Maintains and promotes a positive working relationship with team members and other service
Uses expertise of team members in planning and implementing educational and behavioral
programs when appropriate.
Adheres to all agency policies, rules, and regulations.
Maintains current teacher certification, by developing Professional Development goals and
acquiring Professional Development Points consistent with the Massachusetts Department of
Education requirements.
Maintains current certification in Pro-ACT.
Follows all agency policies and procedures consistently.
Participates in on-going Curriculum Framework meetings to ensure guidelines are being
Locks up all toxic, sharp or otherwise unsafe objects.
Must be physically able to perform all duties of the job including restraining assaultive students
when necessary, pursuing running students, and participating in sports and recreation activities
with students. Job may also include prolonged standing, frequently lifting up to 50 pounds,
pushing, pulling, bending, stooping, twisting, reaching above shoulder level as well as reacting
quickly to minimize escalating behavioral outbursts.
Your employment with The Learning Center for the Deaf is a voluntary one and is subject to termination by you or The Learning Center for the Deaf at will, with or without cause, and with or
without notice, at any time. Nothing in these policies shall be interpreted to be in conflict with or to eliminate or modify in any way the employment-at-will status of The Learning Center for the
Deaf employees.
This policy of employment-at-will may not be modified by any officer or employee and shall not be modified in any publication or document. The only exception to this policy is a written
employment agreement approved at the discretion of the President or the Board of Directors, whichever is applicable.
These personnel policies are not intended to be a contract of employment or a legal document.
The Learning Center for the Deaf is an Equal Opportunity Employer.