DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 30, 2016

— interpreter refused for national anthem

Australia’s Grand Final in Australian Rules Football is
the same as our own football Super Bowl. It is a big
event in both nations. The Super Bowl has signed national
anthem, but not that so in Australia. Deaf Australians
have filed a complaint with the Australian Human Rights
Commission because of refusal of Australian Rules
Football (AFL) officers to allow an interpreter.
And the AFL people managed to delay the hearing
until December after the Grand Final is over!
Why did AFL refuse an intepreter? They refused
to explain why! A picture is at:


— Wales shuts down Deaf Political Party

Wales, a small nation that belongs to the
United Kingdom, would not allow a group of
deaf activists to establish their own
political party. The National Assembly for
Wales said this type of political party
cannot be registered with the government.
The deaf people of Wales have been
complaining for years on same issues –
no jobs, no education, no captions, no


— Critics hate deaf actor in ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’

Actor John McGinty is deaf and uses ASL. He used
ASL as the Quasimodo in the play ‘Hunchback of Notre
Dame’. Instead of praising the creativity of the
play, the critics were nasty about it! They
said sign language ruins the play. Really, it
does not matter because critics love to
criticize, no matter how great any play or
any movie is.


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— first classified ad in USA

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 29, 2016

— first thing for EMT people

An emergency responder (EMT) said that when they come
to the accident scene, one of the first things they
must know – was the injured driver wearing a CI!
He said that there have been deaf drivers that
have lost their CI during an accident. Without
a CI these deaf drivers may not be able to communicate
with the EMT people. A picture is at:


— the 5th deaf guest

Magnolia Hotel Denver, supposedly a fancy hotel, said that they
have four deaf devices for use by deaf guests. What is going to
happen when the fifth deaf guest checks in, asks for deaf
devices and there is none! Will the panicked hotel front desk
clerk run to the next hotel and beg to borrow their deaf
device? Or would the clerk say, sorry we have none?


— importance of deaf tourists

How important are deaf tourists? Very important
says Derek Andre Hanekom, the South African
Minister of Tourism! He wants all South African
places of attraction to be 100 percent deaf-friendly.
Do other tourist officials everywhere else in the
world say that deaf tourists are important? No.
DeafDigest thanks Minister Hanekom for saying
that deaf tourists are important.


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— influencing a major TV sponsor

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 28, 2016

— Marlee Matlin’s most famous acting role

Marlee Matlin, in her long acting career, has nearly
60 acting credits. Her most famous role, that people
talk about from time to time, was not her Oscar-winning
movie. It was Seinfield’s deaf Laura character, who was
thought to be able to lipread someone from across the
room at a crowded party (The Lip Reader – 1993). Carol
Leifer, not deaf, wrote the script and the casting
people needed a young deaf woman for that role, and
so, Marlin was it! A picture is at:


— Hillary’s trickery

Hillary Clinton debated Donald Trump on TV on
Monday night. Was she playing a trick? There
were people that noticed she was wearing something
inside her ear. Was it an “invisible” hearing
aid? Of course Hillary refused to explain what
it was when she was questioned about it by
the media!


— too lazy to look for the subtitled film

The movie – Bridget Jones’s Baby – was shown at
the Grant’s Entertainment Centre in Croydon,
a neigbhorhood in London. The movie ad in the
newspapers said it was subtitled. As a result,
nearly 20 deaf people showed up. The movie
was not subtitled at all, making these deaf
people angry. The theater manager said he
could not find a subtitled copy of that
movie, even though it was advertised. He
was not telling the truth, because he didn’t
really look around for it, just being too


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— customer service reprentative, face to face

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 27, 2016

— captions and non-captions

A deaf man was vacationing in London and stayed at a
hotel. The TV in the hotel lobby showed captions.
The TV in his room showed no captions – of the
same program! Something funny going on? A
picture is at:


— angry at a deaf lipreader

an oralist deaf person, knowing no signs, depends
on lipreading. At a meeting, that deaf person
sat in the front row and watched the lips of
all speakers. One speaker didn’t like being
“stared” at by the deaf lipeader and accused
him of being rude. Anyway that hearing speaker
turned his back to the lipreader for the rest
of his speech!


— nearly 170 people were arrested

In Bangalore, India, a rapid transit officer was
suspicious when a bus ticket looked like a fake,
shown by a non-disabled passenger. That passenger
tried to fake his deafness. The officer then
asked for the disability certificate. The
certificate showed a stamped seal but with
wrong spelling. It should be spelled “Disabled
Welfare Officer, Bangalore Urban district”
but the wrong word was used. Instead of “urban”
it was spelled “Croan.” The fake-deaf passenger
was arrested and after further questioning, it
was learned that many such fake certificates
were distributed. Eventually nearly 170
passengers carrying these fake certificates
were arrested!



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 26, 2016

— clapping not permitted

A hearing school in Australia does not permit
students to clap their hands. They are, however,
permitted to wave their hands – as in Deaf Applause.
Hearing school hate hearing students? No. This
school has some hearing students that are
sensitive to noise from loud clapping, and to
protect them, clapping is not allowed! A picture
is at:


— anti-deaf incident at a bar

A deaf woman and her three hearing friends entered
a Pittsburgh bar. All four of them ordered drinks.
The bartender served three hearing friends but
refused to serve the deaf woman! Making it worse
was that these three hearing friends would not
tell the bartender to please serve the deaf woman!
Yes, the deaf woman was angry about it, feeling
that these hearing people were “fake” friends.


— a sad piece of Deaf History in Rome

There is a sad piece of Deaf History in Rome
that very few deaf people know about. Not
Rome, Italy, but Rome, New York. A deaf
man owned a restaurant in downtown Rome.
This restaurant was considered to be the
best in the city. The city officials thought
a shopping mall would be much better than
these downtown stores, and agreed to have
it demolished. As a result, the downtown
deaf-owned restaurant was wiped out.



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— a wasted steamboat trip

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