DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 28, 2017


— delegates say cheering is discriminatory

Is loud cheering, especially at athletic events,
discriminatory? This is what the delegates at the
National Union of Students are saying. They
said it discriminates against the deaf that
cannot hear these loud cheers! This organization
advocates the needs of (hearing) students
that attend universities in Great Britain.
Well, the deaf have their own Wave Cheer. And
besides, we all root for our favorite athletic

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— needless deaf tragedy

DeafDigest has mentioned several times regarding
the strike against the Canadian Hearing Society.
And tragedies are beginning to surface. Two deaf
hospitalized patients have been without
interpreters, not understanding what the
doctors and the nurses have to say. One died,
and the other is suffering from an advanced
stage of cancer.



— strong interest among architects

The Architects’ Journal ran a great story
about Deaf Design, meaning Deaf Friendly
buildings. This magazine is not an American
publication, but a British publication.
It was not that too many years ago when
Bernard Brown came up with his Deaf House
concept. We may have very strong feelings
in favor of Deaf Design, but Bernard was
the first deaf person to come up with it!
A former Deaf Builder in Connecticut,
and then a Gallaudet faculty member,
he is now retired and living in Florida



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— deaf female astronomer

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 27, 2017


— Rochester plans a deaf-friendly airport

The Greater Rochester International Airport is
planning to become deaf-friendly. The state
Department of Transportation has asked NTID
to help with the design to make it deaf-friendly.
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— our hard work for nothing

The Deaf Community fought hard for net
neutrality, otherwise internet and
cable costs may be out of reach of
low income deaf. We succeeded only
to have the White House FCC appointee
announce his plans to block net
neutrality. Very frustrating for us.


— Educators confused between deaf and hearing

In Australia, the Queensland’s Education
Department issued a report that made
Indigenous people angry. It said that
many students in some communities
have an intellectual disability. One
of these students was actually deaf,
and not intellectually disabled!



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— Wheel of Fortune

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 26, 2017

— cannot caption the videos, the court says so

A court made a decision that it is a copyright violation
if someone puts captions on video material and distributes
it for free. This court is not in USA, but in the
Netherlands! But here in USA, we are seeing attorneys
fighting over other captioning issues (U of California
case; the Villages Florida case, etc). A picture is at:


— actress very busy

DeafDigest mentioned deaf actress Shoshannah Stern
sometime back in a Supernatural TV program. The
interviewer was able to interview her again
recently. He that she is very busy but still
took the time to answer his questions. DeafDigest
hopes that she will continue being busy acting once
her role in the Supernatural program ends. Busy
actresses are no longer busy acting when their
TV and movie roles end but are busy trying to
get new roles! This is Hollywood Reality.


— a shocking revelation with the continuing strike

DeafDigest also mentioned that the strikers
with the Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) have not
gotten pay raises in four years whereas the CEO is
drawing a fat salary. It was also revealed today
that some other CHS top administrators have received
75 percent pay raises, while the deaf workers
have received zero percent pay raises. Fair? No!
Greed? Good question!



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— pizza chain thanks Gallaudet

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 25, 2017

— a picture of oralism abuse

This picture is self explanatory. To see what it
is all about, click on:

The captions under the picture will explain
it all.


— deaf network in big city subways

How important are subways for deaf people?
Very important – and it has nothing to do
with providing transportation. The
subways have become social meeting places
for the deaf, inasmuch as cops and hearing
passengers hate it. The Journal of Cultural
Geography made a mention of this underground
social network!


— deaf woman, having hard time, refused food stamps

In Georgia, a deaf woman struggling with English,
applied for food stamps. Her request for an
interpreter was refused and the social service
office told her to fill out the forms on her own.
As a result, a federal lawsuit is being filed against
the state Division of Family and Children Services,
the state Department of Human Services and the
state Department of Community Health.



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— tips for great ASL plays

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 24, 2017

— extremely unusual interpreting situation

Pro wrestling is a big fake; everything is staged
on the mat. Yet, it is a popular event, attracting
many fans. One pro wrestling situation was
unusual. The referee, Matt Calamare is deaf.
And sometimes he referees a match that Chris Cayden
wrestles. Chris also serves as Matt’s ASL
interpreter while still competing on the mat!
Matt, himself, is also a pro wrestler, juggling
between wrestling and refereeing – in these
small town Pennsylvania wrestling venues.
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— an ADA win that the loser laughed hard

Judges are getting fed up with these ADA lawsuits;
in one ADA lawsuit, the litigant won. The winner’s
cash reward? Just $14.31 ! Angry, the winner asked
for more money, especially for legal fees; the judge
said no. This is why the loser laughed very hard,
having to pay just that small amount!


— a shock with some food trucks

Normally food trucks are deaf-unfriendly.
Menus are posted outside of the window,
and if a deaf person pointed at it, the
order-taker would be forced to stick his
neck out to see what the meal choice was.
Yet – there is a shock. Some food trucks
just don’t have menus at all! The order-taker
would just shout out the meal choices.
This creates an impossible situation for
the deaf person.



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— anger at famous deaf person

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