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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 16, 2018


— non-ASL body langauge

What is non-ASL body language? It is the way people
write, drink, and walk. And even sitting positions,
eyebrow movements, shoulder movements and so on.
This topic was written up in a story today. Not
easy, during a business meeting where comments
are so quick across the table that even interpreters
and deaf participants have problems keeping up with!



— hearing comedian is scolded for mocking the deaf

Deaf celebrity Nyle DiMarco scolded comedian Dane
Cook for mocking the deaf. Dane hinted that deaf
people wake up late for work due to inability
to hear the alarm. After Nyle scolded him,
Dane quickly removed his tweet!


— two years to set up closed-captioned scoreboard

The New York Red Bulls professional soccer team
has added closed captions to its scorebaord at
Red Bulls Arena in Harrison, NY, not too far from
New Jersey Turnpike. But before putting up closed
captions, it took two years of research, survey
and discussions. This bothers DeafDigest. Why
two years? If everyone agrees the scoreboard
should be closed captioned, then great, but
why two very long years before it finally happens?



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 15, 2018


— an All-Time Dream Deaf-Hearing Musical performance

DeafDigest thinks it is a first – an all-time Dream
Deaf-Hearing Musical performance. It is scheduled
for December 16, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan.
The famed Detroit Symphony Orchestra will perform
together with the Big Three of Deaf Music –
percussionist Evelyn Glennie, singer Mandy Harvey
and rapper Sean Forbes. Interpreters on stage?
Hope so. These three deaf performers are
interesting – Glennie does not sign; Harvey
does not sign; Forbes does!



— the blind teaching the deaf

Way back in the sixties, services for the deaf were
non-existent in a middle-sized American city. It was
so bad that in one classroom a blind teacher had a
deaf student. And there were no interpreters. Times
have changed.


— a reason some schools resist ASL courses

ASL courses are growing in popularity in schools
and colleges across USA. Yet, there is still
some resistance. Reason is that opponents feel
ASL is not a written langauge and so, cannot
be accepted as a foreign language credit!



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 14, 2018


— deaf person does not want captions

A deaf woman, whose husband is hearing, wrote a letter
a newspaper editor, saying she does not want captions
on movies and TV. Even worse, she would not ask her
hearing husband what the story and the dialogue is
all about. She was afraid that hearing people would
be bothered by unwanted captions!


— deaf filmmaker has many roles

Hollywood hires many different people for many different
roles in making a movie. With Deaf Films, a deaf filmmaker
does everything himself – writing, directing, producing,
casting, starring in the film, marketing, publicity
and making personal film appearances. This is why
perfectly shown deaf films are amazing.


— rubella possibly coming back

Rubella is a disease that often causes deafness in
babies. It comes back, goes away and then comes back
and so on – possibly in 15-20 year cycles.
When rubella hits hard, it results in higher
enrollment among deaf children in deaf education
programs. Right now it is hitting Japan hard,
meaning it may spread across the globe.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 13, 2018


— common issue with Deaf Filmmakers and Deaf Newscasters

A common issue among these Deaf Filmmakers and Deaf Newscasters
is being short of money. In other words, they’re often broke!
Hearing Filmmakers and hearing newscasters often make
money; the deaf don’t – and it is an occupational hazard!


— lip-reading a silent movie

The dialogue from the silent movie “They Shall Not Grow Old”
was made possible by lipreaders that tried to figure out what
people were saying on the screen. Perfect lipreading? No way,
because too many words are missed and also many words are
mis-lipread. And many people are unlipreadable. And it is
possible that they were lipread to saying something that
they actually didn’t!


— criminal sentence worse if the crime victim is deaf!

In Des Moines, Iowa, a hearing man was arrested for
burglarizing a home owned by a deaf person.
He was originally charged with burglary in the 3rd
degree, a class D felony. But because the victim
was deaf, the police increased the charges to
criminal mischief in the 4th degree as a hate



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 12, 2018


— being stared at

A young deaf woman who works at a fast food restaurant
said patrons often stare at her hearing aid. She
hated being stared but has gotten used to it.


— bad law in Florida

In Florida, if a deaf person owns a condo and requests
interpreter at association meetings, the law
(Florida Statues Section 720.303(2)(a), says the
association is not required to provide an interpreter!
The law only requires that association provide physical
accessibility, but not interpreter accesibility.
What about Fair Housing Act? What about ADA?
This is why we have too many attorneys that
specialize in Disability Rights.


— fake-deaf requesting an interpreter

Police arrested a burglar. He was taken to the
courtroom. This burglar requested a sign language
interpreter. Everyone felt the burglar was faking
his deafness, and his request was turned down.
He filed an appeal and again it was turned down.



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