Many deaf people have so many deaf cousins that
they can’t remember which cousin is with which
mother and father, etc.
A deaf friend was saying bad things about
another deaf person. His friend told him that
this deaf person is his very distant cousin,
but could not remember if it was 4th or 5th or
6th cousin, etc!


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 27, 2016

— steak sign language

The waitstaff at the fancy London steakhouse – Hawksmoor
are learning British Sign Language. The management
felt it was the best way for them to communicate with
each other in a very noisy environment – as well as
to communicate with deaf diners. The managment felt
that secret sign language is wrong and that the
British Sign Language is better. See picture at:


— a deaf teacher wins after long battle

Richard Koenigsberg, who is deaf and teaches
Sociology and Film at East Brunswick High School
(New Jersey) finally won his battle with the
school districut to be provided with CART
services. He does not use sign language and
requested CART. The district said no. He filed
a complaint with the EEOC and won. He has no
problems with one-on-one sessions and with
staff meetings because the past administration
were helpful. But when the administration
changed, then he lost all the support he had.


— Nyle’s future plans

What is Nyle’s future plans? Not sure if it is
a joke or a fact but there is some talk of him
entering the The Bachelor TV series. Which
is better for him – The Bachelor or a big
movie starring role?


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— a thriving deaf blacksmith

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 26, 2016

— deaf group going viral on social media

from time to time we see deaf sign-sing performers at
athletic events, but after the event, everything
is pretty much forgotten. Not that so with The
Phoenix Deaf Women Organization, consisting of
Jessica Mikolay Madsen, Melissa Yingst Huber,
Belinda Carroll and Dyan Sue Kovacs. The group’s
sign-singing before the start of the Phoenix Mercury
women’s basketball game went viral. This group
is hoping for an invitation to a repeat
performance. A picture is at:


— Nyle’s 4th trick in his bag of tricks

What was Nyle’s fourth trick in his bag of
tricks (no music, blindfold, changed music)?
The fourth trick was no trick – just dancing
straightforward, possibly disappointing
the audience that expected a 4th trick!


— a state bill that respects the deaf

Michigan state Rep. Martin Howrylak was
successful in passing a bill that disallows
such words like – deaf and dumb, deaf-mute,
hearing-impaired from language in state
book of laws. These words are being
replaced with – deaf, hard of hearing
and deafness. He said he read through the
state book of laws and found six of these
bad words. All it needs right now is for
Gov. Rick Snyder to sign that bill into law.



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— deaf World War I volunteers

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 25, 2016

— claims to be first deaf person

Japanese deaf mountain climber Satoshi Tamura,
at the age of 50, said he has become the first
deaf person to reach the top of Mount Everest.
He said he already climbed countless mountains
in Japan, and Mont Blanc, Island Peak and
Cho Oyu, all of them towering up in the sky.
Did he actually climb Mount Everest or is he
lying? A picture is at:


— next thing for Nyle

What is next for Nyle? A big movie contract
with him in a starring role – and it will lead
to an Oscar win? Is DeafDigest joking? Never
say never. He already won the Top Model and
now Top Dancer awards, so the Oscar could be next!


— change of interpreters

Nyle had a change of interpreters between his
TV dances. What is going on? Details seem
to be murky. One story said that Nyle’s
intepreter had an accident and was sent
to a hospital. Another story said it was
an incident that prevented the interpreter
from showing up. At any rate, deaf people
normally do not like to change interpreters
especially if they’re comfortable with their
primary interpreter.



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— deaf-owned cable TV company

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— keep your voice down if arguing

A deaf man was arrested for disorderly conduct
in Michigan. He was arguing with a hearing woman
at a public park. Deaf people tend to talk loud
only because they can’t hear their own voices,
and so, this man was arguing loudly, disturbing
people at the park. Cops came over and arrested
him when he refused to calm down. So, it could
happen to any of us – if we are angry, just try
to keep voice down or not use voice at all!
A picture is at:


— another surprise

DeafDigest, a while ago, mentioned Nyle’s
Bag of Tricks – dancing without music;
dancing blindfolded. He came up with a
third trick – asking a band for permission
to use their music – The Sound Of Silence.
The band agreed; and last night’s dance
won the audience. Will he come up with
a fourth trick in his Bag of Tricks tonite?


— a scary public speaker

A deaf man, in Great Britain, gave a public
motivational speech, saying that trading in
Forex made him a success. He won over the
audience with this speech. Scary? Well,
Forex was pushed by a deaf man about eight
years ago, costing nearly 125 deaf investors
a total of 4 million dollars. The U.S. Commodity
Futures Trading Commission shut him down and
froze his assets. Do we have a way of knowing
if the British deaf man is honest or if it
just another scam? Forex is trading in
curriencies (dollars, Euros, pounds, etc)



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— deaf schools military training

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 23, 2016

— deaf Uber driver overcomes problems

Paul Dimiti, Stamford, CT, has been a driver with
Uber for over a year. He successfully overcame
his struggles as a rookie driver last year. His
first Uber client was so angry about being “stuck”
with a deaf driver that he slammed the door loudly
after arriving at the destination! Dimitri has
since then learned to explain, rather than to
surprise, the customers about his deafness and
on how to communicate. He also overcame bad
customer satisfaction ratings to become a
top-notch driver. So far he picked up 3,000
fares, one of them a blind customer and another
customer that wanted a ride to Pennsylvania.
It is not his primary job, as he works at the
New York School for the Deaf in White Plains.
A picture is at:


— immature student interpreter scolded by peers

An interpreting program student went out shopping
with a friend. She arrived just before the store
closed up for the night and was asked by the clerk
to please leave. She refused and played “deaf”
pretending not to understand what the clerk was
saying. Upon arriving at the college dorm, she
bragged to her deaf friends that she played
“deaf” and expected all of them to laugh with her.
She was shocked to find her deaf friends
scolding her for making the deaf people look bad!



— swallowing a hearing aid

All pediatricians share stories of children
swallowing stuff that is not food. A popular
tale is a hearing aid being swallowed. Always
wondering who swallowed the hearing aid. Was
it a deaf kid swallowing his hearing aid?
Was it a hearing kid swallowing his sibling’s
hearing aid? Or even was it a kid swallowing
parent’s hearing aid?



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— TV, longest continuing deaf TV host


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What is something that the deaf people hate
the most?
That hearing people stand behind their backs
(elevators, line at fast food restaurant,
movie ticket windows, etc). Hearing people
try to talk to the deaf person without realizing
they are deaf!
Deaf people hate it the most.