Some captioning devices break down during a movie
You complain to the theater manager. He is stuck
because he has no more captioning devices to loan
out to deaf patrons


Many hearing people come to a deaf person and
say something, not knowing he is deaf.
A deaf person may say just once “deaf” and
the hearing person catches it.
A deaf person may say three times “deaf”
and it takes three times before hearing person
finally catches it.
Worst example is saying “deaf” five times
and hearing person still not catch it!


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 21, 2016

— a 3-year old Deaf Supergirl

Kaylieann Steinbach, a three-year old deaf Australian
girl, did not want to wear her regular clothes for
her pre-school photo session, ignoring the
instructions of her father. Instead she dressed up
as a Supergirl. All of a sudden, a picture of her
went viral, generating many millions of hits.
Her picture is at:


— one national deaf-rally too many

Do we have too many National Deaf Rallies? Deaf people need
employment, interpreters, better educational opportunities,
etc – and have staged too many rallies. While these rallies
have attracted attention of newspapers and the TV media,
turnout at some of these rallies have been small. Is it
because deaf people get tired of these rallies? Certainly
there must be a better way to obtain our basic needs.


— a deaf mayoral candidate

Election time is coming up. May the best candidate
win (for all elected offices). And in Forest Lake,
a small town of some 19,000 people about 30 miles
away from St Paul, Minnesota, we have a deaf
candidate for town mayor. It is Brian Hile. He
uses interpreters to communicate with the public.
He took part, with other mayoral candidates in
a recent forum, discussing issues, answering
questions, etc.


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— Edison’s 400 lightbulbs

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 20, 2016


— a most embarrassing deaf poster shown on TV

During last night’s Clinton-Trump debate, a
deaf poster was shown on TV. Very embarrassing!
See it for yourself at:


— a crazy act by deaf during a softball game

Deaf people tend to tap on the shoulders of
other deaf people to get attention. Deaf
people should never tap on the shoulders of
hearing people – because it is considered
assault and battery. Anyway, a deaf person
tried to get the attention of a hearing
umpire during a softball game and tapped
on his shoulder. Naturally the hearing
umpire physically hit back the deaf player!


— free in France, not free in USA

If deaf French people have problems
such as not getting government checks
or not being able to enroll a deaf
child in a school program, etc,
then legal assistance is free (for
the and the disabled). In USA, often
not free; there are some legal aid
services that are free but not easy
to get help. Too many clients and too
few legal aid attorneys – different
in France!




— Outreach Coordinator

State of Pennsylvania

POTHOS, Inc. has a full time position available for “Pennsylvania TRS
Outreach Coordinator”, for client, Hamilton Relay. Position responsible
for coordinating and implementing outreach activities that promote
Telecommunication Relay Services (TRS) throughout the State of
Pennsylvania. Travel required. Preferred experience and skills: excellent
presentation skills; experience in public relations activities; direct
work experience with Telecommunications Relay Service or Captioned
Telephone Relay Service helpful. POTHOS, Inc. offers competitive wages and
benefits. Send resume to POTHOS, Inc, via email to
Contact Dori Brink at 619.546.0621 with questions.


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— obnoxious hearing employee dealing with deaf

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 19, 2016


— famous person uses wrong sign language

Guy Fieri is a well-known host of TV food
shows. See his picture and you will catch
his wrong use of sign language –


— McDonald’s problems with the deaf

Does McDonald’s have too many problems
with the deaf? In the late 1970’s,
a deaf man, with money, wanted to buy
a McDonald’s franchise. McDonald’s said
no. And deaf people are not “allowed”
to order at the drive-in window, must
use the voice kiosk. And now this –
a deaf man, with experience in fast
food field, wanted to apply for
a job at McDonald’s in Missouri,
bringing in his hearing sister as an
interpreter during interview. McDonald’s
said no. As result, the deaf man sued and
won $56,500 (but most of the money will
go to his attorney!)


— blind man wants to be deaf for one reason

Jay Forry, who is blind, is a professional
movie critic. Many people listen to his
movie criticisms. At a speech at Polk State
College in Florida, he said he wanted to
be deaf – for one reason – so that he will
not have to listen to Spike Lee’s dirty
voice language in movies! Good point –
but Forry forgot one thing – deaf people
can watch Lee’s dirty language because
these are captioned!


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— NAD Conference embarrassment

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 18, 2016

— eating at Taco Bell at Costa Rica

If you visit Costa Rica during your vacation
trip, maybe you could stop and eat at
Taco Bell. This chain has hired a high
number of disabled and deaf employees.
This company wanted to make a statement on
hiring these people that need employment.
A picture is at:


— Switched at Birth update

The final season, after a 5-year run, of
the “Switched at Birth” TV series will
begin on January 31st. Issues to be
covered during this final series will
be campus racism, comments from several
African-American characters and a
big 100th episode, of which the theme
is being kept a secret. Leading
veteran performers are Katie Leclerc
(hard of hearing but functions as
a hearing person) and Marlee


— big banks not helping the deaf

In USA, the big banks are Bank of America, Wells Fargo,
JPMorgan Chase, and Citigroup. Do they help the
deaf in anything? Well, in Australia, the
Commonwealth Bank has reached a deal to help
the deaf and disabled cricket players. Our
big banks don’t do anything to help us with
Deaflympics funding. Yet – there is a big
irony. Australia has a bad reputation for
discriminating against the deaf – cannot
serve on jury, limited TV captions, no
employment opportunities, no interpreters, etc.



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— suspected deaf bank robber

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 17, 2016

— lunch delivery business in Malaysia

Hairul Anuar, a deaf man in Malaysia, has a growing
lunch delivery business. He had ambitions of either
being a civil engineer or architect, but
discrimination against deaf students at Malaysian
universitites blocked him. He then became an
accountant, but wasn’t happy with it. He, however,
was skilled in the kitchen, making meals for his
family – and so started his own lunchbox delivery
service. Business has grown and he has hired
several deaf people to help him prepare lunches
for his hearing clients. A picture is at:


— expensive bill for telecommunications relay service

In Nebraska, a deaf man was billed $40.00 per month just for
telecommunications relay service. This bill was too much
and the deaf man could not afford it. He was using his
cell phone to stay in touch with the world, and that
was why he was billed an additional $40.00. Fortunately
for him, a local service agency has helped pay his
phone bill.


— broken campus bells at RIT

For years RIT had electronic bells that would alert
hearing students to the time of the day. These
bells have been broken, very difficult to fix.
The reason why RIT may not be too eager to fix
the bells is becuase of deaf students at NTID.
The RIT administration did not want deaf students
to ask them why are they spending so much money
to have bells fixed when there are other priorities
they need! So, these bells continue as inoperative!


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— India royal family, deaf member

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