DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 22, 2018

— hearing aid, yes; deaf, no!

A child was given hearing aids at the age
of five without parents knowing the reason
for it. The parents did not realize that
deaf people may need hearing aids to be
able to hear better. They thought hearing
aids were for something else. How so very
shocking! A picture is at:


— our confused members of the Congress

Do members of the Congress know what ADA is all
about? It is assumed that they do – yet nearly
105 members of the Congress have asked
Attorney General Jeff Sessions to clarify
what ADA is all about with these web sites.
Deaf people require web sites to be captioned,
so why are these people in Congress so confused


— Deaf Remote vs Hearing Remote

Deaf people use thumb on their remote to change
channels on Cable TV. Hearing people use voice
on their Amazon Fire TV Cube to change channels.
Amazon discriminating against the deaf?



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Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— captioning devices vs captioning glasses

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 21, 2018

— AMC and the deaf moviegoer

AMC is now offering $20 monthly subscription to
compete with MoviePass. Worth it or not?
Worth it if AMC offers open captions. Not
worth it if AMC only offers captioning
devices. Your choice! A picture is at:


— The deaf and Dept of Education & Dept of Labor

The White House wants to merge the Department of
Education and the Department of Labor. They say
Education is the responsbility of the states.
If this happens, there are issues – mainstreaming,
residential schools, IEP, Gallaudet, NTID and so on.
People with Department of Labor may not care.


— deaf hating it

When mingling with the hearing (at school,
or at work, or at parties or at events)
there is one thing all deaf people hate.
It is faking everything with nodding
and smiling and even laughing when
hearing people say something that deaf
people don’t understand. This is what
a young deaf adult wrote in a web posting.



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— challenges for interpreters

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 20, 2018

— ADA says it is OK to text

Is texting the same as instant messaging?
AOL’s once-popular IM has been shut down,
but when one texts from iPhone to another
iPhone then ADA says it is OK. This is in
reference to training at a place of
employment without interpreters, without
captions, without written notes. ADA
says texting (as instant messaging) is
a reasonable accommodation. A picture is at:


— reasons some deaf don’t want Deaf ID card

In some states there is a Deaf ID card (driver’s
license is an example). There are always some
deaf people that don’t want to be identified as
deaf on these ID cards. A big reason is unwanted
sympathy. Another reason is feeling vulnerable if
hearing people find out their deafness and try to
take advantage.


— mostly deaf-run dairy factory

Masaka Creamery Ltd is a factory where
milk and yogurt and other dairy products
are made. This creamery has nearly
20 deaf employees (ten other employees
are not deaf). It was the idea of Jon Porter,
not deaf, who made it a point to hire the
deaf. This company has been in business for
two years and is located in Kigali, Rwanda.


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— strangest deaf hire

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— Check out the new post about how trauma can change you
on HealthBridges

HealthBridges is a website to learn about behavioral health
and social service resources for Deaf, DeafBlind and
Hard of Hearing People

Happy Summer 🙂
The HealthBridges Team




DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 19, 2018


— vague drone law about the deaf

Drone is officially called “Small Unmanned Aircraft
Systems” by the Federal Aviation Administration.
People just call it the drone. If one wishes to use
the drone for business purposes, then the FAA says:

Be able to read, speak, write, and understand English
(exceptions may be made if the person is unable to
meet one of these requirements for a medical reason,
such as hearing impairment)


Is FAA saying that if a deaf person cannot read
or speak or write or understand English, then
he may be given a license to operate a drone?

A picture is at:


— Marlee Matlin, the producer

Marlee Matlin, the actress. Now Marlee Matlin, the
producer. She is coming up with a new deaf
documentary, aired by A&E on September 5th.
The title is “Deaf Out Loud” and it features
three deaf families trying to raise their
deaf children in a hearing world.


— deaf and hearing and deaf and hearing, back and forth

DeafDigest has mentioned video character Hawkeye
as deaf. Actually he is back and forth – deaf and
hearing, deaf and hearing, deaf and hearing, and
so on.



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— professor, honest or insulting

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 18, 2018


— hearing authors avoid print books

An avid deaf reader of serious novels complained
that more authors avoid print books, prefering
their stories to be told in audio. They are
actually discriminating against their deaf
readers – unless these audios are captioned!
A picture is at:


— app to help the deaf with doctors

Two medical students are developing an
app that is supposed to help the deaf
when they visit doctors or hospitals.
This app has many features – interpreted
and captioned videos explaining different
medical issues; deaf patients explaining
to doctors about their pain and illnesses.
Also explaining about different types of


— story on deaf students at a major state university

Are deaf students happy while attending a major state
university? Many are not. Reasons are – feeling
left out, feeling ignored, professors forgetting to
turn on captions in classroom videos, lack of
campus understanding of deafness, interpreters
whose signs are difficult to understand, curious
hearing students not willing to learn ASL, and so on.
It was the focus of long newspaper story about that
big state public university.



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— Titanic’s deaf connection

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