DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 9, 2016

— Deaf Musical Festival & Hearing Musical Festival

The Deaf Foam Festival, scheduled for three days
in July in Great Britain, may not be permitted
by the police – because of possible noise complaints
by hearing neighbors. Is it fair? The police do
not ban these loud Hearing Musical Festivals but
may ban these loud Deaf Musical Festivals? Deaf
Noise or Hearing Noise? Both are the same!

A picture of a popular deaf musician:


— the Deaf Corned Beef

Is Corned Beef deaf? No, because it is a sandwich,
not a person. But in Scotland, if one asks you
“Are you Corned Beef” then it is a slang question
for “Are you deaf”! Why? Don’t know but there
are many strange slang words that make no sense.

— More about Marlee Matlin’s sign-singing

It was learned that while Marlee was not shown on the
main CBS Super Bowl program, she was shown only
on the XBox and Windows 10 systems. Many of us didn’t
know about it. The Big 3 (NFL, PepsiCo and CBS) did
not want eyes away from Lady Gaga. They are saying
we are second class citizens. If you remember
history, it was CBS that opposed closed captions
during the 1980’s.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 8, 2016

— deaf people under hypnotism

Michael C. Anthony, not deaf, is a hypnotist. Many
people say he is the best in the world. He was recently
interviewed by a reporter, and was asked what was his
biggest challenge. He said he gave a performance at RIT.
Watching him perform was a group of six deaf students.
They joined a group of 30 hearing students that
volunteered to be hypnotized. Was it successful?
He told the deaf group to just watch the interpreter,
and all of them were hpynotized! Said Anthony:
“I was as amazed as anyone else!”.

A picture is at:


— a restaurant chain discriminates against deaf-blind

Chipotle is in a lot of trouble because of many cases
of E. coli poisonings. And it was just learned that
Chipotle, in Los Angeles, refused to serve a
deaf-blind man! This patron said the manager told
him “too bad and please get out of here.”


— NFL, PepsiCo and CBS failed us at the Super Bowl

Through the efforts of NFL, PepsiCo and CBS, Marlee
Matlin was asked to sign-sing the National Anthem
along with Lady Gaga. Take a look at this cartoon


Could we see her in the drawing?

Very sad that NFL, PepsiCo and CBS “pushed” Marlee to
a far corner where we cannot see her at all!



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deaf and the disabled

Do enjoy watching this text video

Why do many deaf people refuse to call themselves
Because they are not physically disabled. And also
for another reason, they are afraid that if they
call themselves disabled, hearing people will
fell sorry for them, and give them sympathy all
the time!


deaf and the crime

Do enjoy watching this text video

Always scary when it happens at night. That a crime
took place next door to your home. Aand the cops come
over to investigate the crime.
You sleep throughout everything and know nothing
about it.
You wake up in the morning and the neighbors tell
you about it!

fogey – national anthem


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lucky deaf printers

Do enjoy watching this text video

DeafDigest editor just chatted with two deaf printers.
They worked at their government agencies for many years.
And at one time there were many hearing printers working
with them.
Technology has changed everything in the printing
world. No more printing presses. Instead, the computers
do all of the printing jobs.
All of these hearing printers were either laid off
or forced to retire or reassigned to different jobs.
Two deaf printers? Still employed at their agencies,
but no longer using printing presses, just using the


big deaf crowd

Do enjoy watching this text video

You agree to meet a deaf friend at a big deaf
basketball tournament.
There were so many deaf fans at the tournament
gym, about 1,700 fans.
You look very hard to find your deaf friend and
cannot find him, and give up and go home after the
Your deaf friend was also looking for you but
cannot find you, and he also gave up and went home!
So, big deaf basketball crowd good or bad?


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 5, 2016

— deaf musician to perform at world’s most famous musical hall

Emily Bieker, a deaf 15-year old high school sophomore, from
Arkansas, is scheduled to perform at Carnegie Hall. She practices
with her violin seven hours a day. Carnegie Hall is where all the
musicians dream of performing. Her picture is at:


— legislator introduces a deaf law

Florida legislator Victor Torres (of Orlando) wants to
introduce a bill to have a “deaf” symbol on the
deaf drivers’ licenses. Is it going to quickly
alert the cop to drivers’ deafness? Maybe not –
cops often do not get it when the deaf driver
points to his ear – before – he gives the cop
his driver’s license!


— hearing cost vs deaf cost

Super Bowl is coming up. May the best team win!
Cost of a 30 second Super Bowl ad? Just
five million bucks. It is cheap for these
super-rich corporations. They look on millions
as pennies! Cost of deaf captions? Maybe just
$100 for 30 seconds; maybe $200.00. These
super-rich corporations may scream that it is

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