DeafDigest Gold – May 24, 2015

DeafDigest Gold – May 24, 2015

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 24, 2015 morning

— deaf man thinking of $30,000 investment in a deaf drug

A deaf man wrote a letter to an investment advisor, explaining
that he is deaf and has $30,000 to invest in a drug that would
cure him of his deafness. What did the investment advisor say?

The drug is supposed to be Novartis, made in Switzerland.
Does this drug work? No, if the person has been deaf all his
life. Possibly, if the person is late-deafened – but no
promises or guarantees. This drug, however, is yet permitted
in USA.

— same old story with deaf versus a police officer

If you are deaf and for any reason, the police officer
stops you, the advice is this – stay calm and tell the
officer of your deafness. Just stay calm even if you
did nothing wrong. There was a story yesterday of a
Florida police officer being cleared of all charges
of shooting a deaf man to death. The cop went to a
car towing place and saw a deaf man trying to take
his truck out of the property. The deaf man immediately
pulled out his weapon and was immediately shot to death.
Worth it to show anger, using hands, or to pull out
a weapon? No!

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 23, 2015 morning

— a deaf person on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior show

Kevin Garrison, who is deaf, and teaches English to
hearing students at Angelo State University, will be
participating in the NBC’s American Ninja Warrior show.
His participation will be aired sometime next month.
He has been training for the program for nearly a year.
DeafDigest editor does not know if he uses ASL?
Possibly not because he teaches hearing classes.

— an angry deaf author

Sara Novic, deaf author of a new novel – Girl at War,
is angry. She says hearing people look on the
deaf as stupid. Her novel has been converted to
audiobook; she is not able to follow it! And she
has only appeared at three readings of her novel
just three times, too few for authors that require
public exposure. And she hates it when there is a
battle between ASL and written English. And another
thing she hates is that there are too few deaf
authors of hearing novels. It is her first novel.
Will we be seeing more of her new novels?

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 22, 2015



— Discrimination case; IBM vs deaf employee; IBM wins!

Deaf IBM employee Alfred Noll filed a law suit 3 years
ago, saying IBM won’t caption video files and provide
transcripts for audio files. The case was thrown
out because IBM already provided him with an interpreter.
Noll appealed – and the appeals court voted 2-1 in
favor of IBM, saying he has a reasonable accommodation.
Noll is still disappointed. He and his attorney
are now looking at options.

— finally opening a closed office in Nebraska

Nebraska friendly to the deaf? Hope so. The state
closed the Nebraska School for the Deaf in 1998.
A school district in Nebraska forced Hunter, a
3-year old deaf child, son of deaf parents,
to change his name sign because it resembled
a weapon. The father protested and it made
a big newspaper story. And the state closed
the Scottsbluff office of the Nebraska
Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
because of no money. It left the deaf of western
Nebraska with no services. Good news – this
office will be re-opened. The legislators voted
yesterday to give money to re-open the office.

— Barcelona now friendly to the deaf

Barcelona is a fun city, thanks to its famed La
Ramblas, a long sidewalk that cuts through the
middle of the city street. Fun for the deaf – museums,
restaurants, hotels and cultural sites? Possibly
with Prometteo. It is a new app that allows the
deaf to find out what is going on in the big city.
Prometteo to help the deaf tour New York,
San Francisco, Rome, Paris, etc? Hope so in the



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