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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 25, 2018


— Deaf Cake Boss to challenge Cake Boss

Cake Boss is a famous reality TV cable program about
a bakery in New Jersey, making any and all kinds of
cakes. What about a Deaf Cake Boss? There is one
in Miami, Florida – Mayra Cakes, a deaf wife-deaf
husband bakery team. Mayra bakes the cakes,
and Jason does all the design work on these
cakes. They have just opened up up their
own bakery and hiring the deaf. Mayre’s
shirt says “Queen of Cakes.” Very possibly
they are the #1 Deaf Cakemaker in USA.

A picture is at:


— 2018 so far a great year for Marlee

Marlee Matlin may not be compared with actresses
her age. Many talented actresses have hard time
finding roles – because of age discrimination.
This is a sad fact of life in Hollywood! But
Marlee? So far this year through first five
months, she already had three roles –
ABC’s Quantico, Syfy’s The Magicians
and now this Sundance Now’s This Close.

Said Marlee:
three very, very different roles, and I’m
very excited about the fact that there’s
opportunity to play different characters
on different outlets

And 2018 has seven months to go, so how
many more great roles for her this year?


— a worry about medicaid and the deaf

A deaf leader said:
People who need it, they could get pushed out of
the program

This refers to deaf people on SSDI, which is part
of the confusing medicaid rules. These rules
got more confusing because of the White House
insistence that those that can work but are
getting benefits, should rejoin the labor
force. But every state has their own medicaid
(SSDI) rules!



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Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— law clinic being cancelled

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 24, 2018



— famous deaf person being ignored by hearing

Model/actor Nyle DiMarco is just about the world’s
best known deaf person. He never stops advocating
for the rights and needs of the deaf. Yet,
he has dealt with fashion people that won’t
hire him because of his deafness. And even
during his modeling sessions, photographers
do not consult him on picture-taking
ideas. It is not surprising. Scared
hearing people would make bad decisions
just to avoid discussing issues with the deaf.
A picture is at:


— pointing and yelling at deaf in voting booths

Are deaf people left alone while entering a
voting booth to vote in a public election?
An activist pretended to be deaf in the
polling place. She said that voting officials
would point their fingers and do a lot of
yelling at her. This incident did not happen
in USA but in Barbados where many hearing
people still think deaf people are helpless!


— pilot program can be scary

A pilot program is nothing more than just an
experiment. Anyway the Lincoln Grand Cinema
(Lincoln, Nebraska) will be showing open
captions twice a week through August 1st.
It starts with the wildly popular
Solo: A Star Wars Story. Possibly many
deaf people will show up, because they
love Star Wars movies. Will these deaf
people continue to watch other open
captioned movies after the Star Wars
showing? If attendance is low with
these other films, then DeafDigest
is afraid Lincoln Grand Cinema may
reconsider their pilot program (at
least after August 1st).


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Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— hearing friend helps deaf at outcry auctions

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 23, 2018


— reasons why babies cry

When a baby cries, there is a reason – wet diapers,
hunger, seeking attention, etc. Hearing parents
may be able to figure out these cries. Deaf
parents may find this task difficult. There
is a new app which tells the deaf parents
why their babies are crying. A picture of
this app is at:

Now, what about an app that tells dog lovers that
cannot hear or understand why their dogs cry!


— a scary police non-incident

Yesterday DeafDigest editor was walking in
downtown Washington, DC. All of a sudden
someone on a bicycle had to change directions
to avoid knocking down the DeafDigest editor.
It was a police officer. He was probably
screaming and yelling to “get out of the way”
but got no response. No one wants incidents
(or accidents) with police officers.


— blueblood in deaf family

Dummy Hoy started a blueblood family. He
was a famous major league player that
advocates nowadays push for his hall
of fame induction. One hearing son
became a judge; another hearing son
became a state legislator. His
nephew was the leading baker of
breads in Los Angeles. Hoy himself
never went to Gallaudet but has
baseball/softball fields named after
him. Before he became a baseball pro,
he owned a shoe repair business
in Ohio.


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— three ADA words attorneys go to war over!

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 22, 2018

— which is better – captions or subtitles

A deaf media person said, on a web site that
captions look faster but hard to follow,
while subtitles are easy to follow with
better positioning on the screen. But
captions will give background noise,
such as door knocking, phone ringing, etc.
The subtitles do not have it. Which is
best? Your choice! A picture is at:


— trucker shortage an opportunity for the deaf

Today’s newspapers said:

America doesn’t have enough truckers

What this means is opportunity for more
deaf people to become truck drivers!
Hope this happens.


— very scary in Florida

Sinkholes are always scary; Florida has a number
of these sinkholes. There was a story today of
four sinkholes in a central Florida retirement
community. That community is The Villages, which
is where a good number of deaf retirees reside.
DeafDigest just hopes nothing happens to our
deaf friends at The Villages.



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— hypnotism and the deaf

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 21, 2018

— a very disappointing comment by a mayor

Gerard Landry, not deaf, is the mayor of Denham
Springs, Louisiana, a city of some 10,400 people.
In a newspaper interview, he said, in part:

my parents were deaf mutes

A son, in an important position, insulting his
parents as deaf-mutes! How so disappointing!
A picture is at:



— confession by a deaf attorney

Attorney Spencer Kontnik, Denver, CO, is
deaf. He does not know ASL and communicates
via lipreading and speech. He said, in a
newspaper interview:

I have definitely been guilty of acting like
I understand what people are saying but I really
don’t know what they’re talking about.

This is the reason why deaf people are good
at smiling and nodding their heads and faking
their way through. DeafDigest editor is no better!


— 5th world’s most used sign language out of luck

There was an annoucement that the 2018 FIFA
World Cup Russia will broadcast four sign
language videos during the big event to keep
deaf fans updated on the game results. Soccer
is the most popular sport in the world, meaning
that the World Cup is equal to our Super Bowl.
Anyway, what are these four sign language vidoes?
Meaning the 5th sign language will not be taped
for the enjoyment of deaf fans!


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— Deaf actors and casting directors

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