Today’s economy is bad. Many people have no jobs.

If you are deaf and have a job, then you are lucky.

But suppose you have a job and you hate your boss,
then what should you do?

Quit the job and look for a better job with a
better boss. Or to stay in the job and still hate the

If you quit your job, it is a gamble, because it may
be a long time before you find a new job.


A deaf employee that can speak very well, had a
problem with a hearing employee.

That hearing employee always thought the deaf
people were dumb, helpless, and cannot talk.

This hearing employee would use gestures every time
he saw that deaf employee.

Tired of these silly gestures, the angry deaf employee
shouted at the hearing employee:

Can you talk?

The hearing employee immediately blushed with a
red face.



DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 20, 2017


— Uber says their sign language is Uber Sign Language

Uber is heavily promoting few signs (hello, thank you,
fingerspelling the name) as Uber Sign Language (USL).
Realistically, the passengers would immediately forget
USL upon arriving at their destinations. And also,
if the deaf driver uses USL with the passenger while
driving, then it is dangerous – distracted driving.
And the driver would lose future fares if he stops the
car at the destination to continue USL with the
passenger, and wasting time! A picture is at:


— very bad case of sarcasm

A controversy is brewing at Camarillo HS in
California. It concerns requiring all graduates
to wear gowns of one color instead of a color
for boys and another color for girls. The
school wanted all graduates to feel equal
with each other. A faculty member made this
sarcastic comment:

That’s same as three percent of graduating
class that are deaf, and that the school board
does not want an interpreter because 97
percent of other graduates do not need

Sarcasm at its’ worst, it certainly is


— early Oscar talk

Oscars is coming up next March. There is talk that
Wonderstruck may be a hot candidate for an Oscar or
two. Real Oscar or fake-Oscar? The real Deaf Oscar
was Marlee Matlin with her Children of a Lesser God
performance. But is Wonderstruck a real Deaf Oscar
or a half-Deaf Oscar? Julianne Moore is not deaf
but plays a fake-deaf role. The young girl,
Millicent Simmonds is real-deaf. Looking back,
Johnny Belinda (1948) won an Oscar for performance
by a fake-deaf actress. Splitting hairs? Good


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 19, 2017


— A Regal Entertainment Group honor with irony

The Al Shapiro Distinguished Service Award is given
annually to an individual that has so much to promote
the cause of good movies for the public to view.
An executive with the Regal Entertainment Group
just won this honor for his work to promote
movie captions. Only it was not open captions
at regular movie hours, only at non-peak hours.
During peak hours, deaf movie viewers had to pick
up these captioning devices. He wanted captions
as his son was deaf, but this type of captions
was not what the deaf community wanted. The irony
was that people felt deaf son wanted open captions!

A picture is at:


— most successful deaf success story

Patrick Robinson is the most successful deaf
success story. He currently is the executive
director with E. H. Gentry, an adult independent
living center, part of the Alabama School for
the Deaf complex. He grew up poor in an
impoverished part of Alabama. Attending a
public school, he was promoted each year –
but with a catch. He was not able to
read or write, but continued getting
promoted. His parents then sent him to
Alabama School for the Deaf. He caught
up in leaps and bounds, and enrolled
at Gallaudet and then earned masters
afterwards, He said his teachers expected
nothing of him at the public school. This
is the most successful deaf success


— A Silent Voice, the cartoon

“A Silent Voice” is a cartoon that features
a young hearing man being punished for
bullying a deaf girl at school. He
harassed her, made fun of her deafness,
and threw her hearing aids into a pond.
Even when the deaf girl tried to be
friends with him, he continued to bully
her. As a result this hearing man lost
all of his friends – and has to repay the
deaf girl for the costs of the hearing
aids he destroyed. This cartoon is shown
in Japan.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 18, 2017


— hearing people don’t need ASL to communicate with deaf

Hearing people don’t have to use ASL to communicate
with the deaf? This is what a deaf services center
advocate said. There are ways – use gestures, use
body language, don’t show anger in face, use notepad
and pen, don’t force lipreading if it is impossible,
using interpreter, using video relay service, etc.

A picture is at:


— 80 lawsuits this past summer

The EEOC more than 80 lawsuits this summer only.
Half of these lawsuits were ADA violations.
A high EEOC priority with these ADA-related
lawsuits is lack of accommodations for the deaf.


— interesting comment by a deaf actor

Deaf actor Russell Harvard made an interesting
comment. He said:

says any play can be done in American Sign Language

While plays by National Theatre of the Deaf and
the Deaf West are shown in sign language, it
basically is not American Sign Language.
Many deaf patrons have been complaining for years
that theatrical sign languages are difficult
to follow!


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 17, 2017


— deaf congressional candidate fundraising

Chris Haulmark, who is deaf, is running for Congress,
as a Democrat from Olathe, Kansas. He is opposing
five other hearing Democratic candidates for the
right to face the Republican congressional incumbent.
Fundraising? One Democrat candidate raised $374,000.
Two other Democrat candidates said they already
raised six digits but won’t say exactly how much.
The Republican candidate said he raised $1,400.000.
What about Haulmark and the two other Democratic
candidates. The newspaper story did not mention
the amounts they have raised, if they did.
A picture is at:


— another deaf community ignored

Deaf people have been complaining that when hurricanes
and other disasters strike their areas, emergency
warning services ignore them (bad interpreting,
no captions, etc). Well, there is another one –
Storm Ophelia is hitting Ireland. And the
Irish emergency services have not provided
interpreters for the deaf.


— the deaf and the airport in need of repairs

There was a story about the Kansas City International
Airport seriously in need of repairs. A deaf advocate
said the airport is lacking closed captions, flashing
lights arrival/depature screens for flight updates.
He also said many deaf people use the airport
for their transportation needs.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 16, 2017


— video relay service or bank branch office rep

You are deaf and your efforts to reach the bank
headquarters via video relay service have been
hung up on. They may think you are an overseas
scammer. A solution would be to visit the
branch office of your bank and sit down
with their customer service representative.
In many cases it works much better than
continuing efforts to use the video relay
service! An important thing is to be
fully prepared – your ID, your iPhone,
your computer printouts, your banking
documents, your passwords,etc, etc.
A picture is at:


— unsure of the “wow” newspaper story

A newspaper ran this headline –

Deaf man works for mobile delivery service,
defies the odds

Defying the odds! Not sure why? We
have many deaf pizza delivery drivers.
Delivering pizzas is the same as
delivering take-out food. Hearing patrons
are always hungry and they’re happy when
deaf delivery people arrive on time!
And tips can always be great.


— a deaf hero honored by a police department

A while ago DeafDigest mentioned deaf British
hero – Ian Lawrence. He is a professional
photographer who happened to be at the
right place at the right time, and took
pictures of the motorcycle gang that
stole people’s iPhones while they were
on the sidewalks in London. His pictures
were posted in media. Tips poured in and
it resulted in arrests of three teenaged
thiefs. They were just sentenced to
more than 18 years in prison. They stole
over 100 iPhones in a two week spree.
Anyway he was publicly praised by the
police department in a recent ceremony.


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