DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 21, 2017


— ugly deaf incident in China

Jennifer McLean, who is deaf and is a teacher in Zhengzhou,China,
took a cab ride to her residence. The fare was the Chinese
equivalent of $10.00. She gave the driver the same equivalent
of $15.00 and expected change from him. The driver refused to
give her the change – which led to an argument. The driver
physically roughed up the deaf woman. Her hearing son, seeing
the whole thing from the residence, rushed to her defense,
roughing up the driver. The police arrested the son. It took
place last month, and he is still in jail, unable to pay the
$14,800 fine, which was reduced to $8,900.
picture is at:


— ASL in an upcoming movie

A new movie coming up this fall is “The Shape of Water’
and ASL plays a big part in it. Unfortunately it is
another movie where a fake-deaf actress plays a
deaf role. Why another fake-deaf casting role?
The director is Guillermo del Toro; the production
company is Bull Productions. Should we
just enjoy the movie, happy that ASL has a big
role – or getting angry at the director and the
production company for casting a hearing
actress in a fake-deaf role?


— a day with a CART operator

There was a story about a CART operator
in Portland, Oregon. On a typical day,
she works out of her CART office, logging
on a web site to deliver CART services for
her deaf clients from New Mexico and
Washington, DC. She said some of her
clients have been with her for as long
as ten years and they develop a great
business relationship despite never
meeting each other in person! Her
services cover classrooms, medical
appointments, court cases, attorney’s
offices, conferences, legislative
sessions and business meetings. All
in a day’s work!



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— Three national rival organizations reached agreement

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 20, 2017


— great honor for a street artist

Street artists sell their pieces of art at tourist sites.
We do not know how many of these street artists are deaf,
but there is one at Suffolk, Virginia – Hank Pugh, who
hoped to study art at Gallaudet but struggled with
academics. Anyway he has been given recognition with
his own one-man show at the Suffolk Art Gallery.
Tourists can look at his many drawings and paintings.
One such painting is at:



— always problems at Deaflympics

2017 Summer Deaflympics is going on right now at Turkey
and already there is a problem. Ghana is broke and cannot
afford to pay for airfare for its group of athletes.
The athletes already have visas but no airfare money.


— designing a sign language app

How could a sign language app be designed when there
are so many different national dialects? A developer,
not deaf, said that it requires a team effort from
sign language experts to agree on the most commonly
used signs that people of all dialects can easily



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— deaf member, small town posse

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 19, 2017


— hearing parents want to sign; deaf child says no!

To sign or not to sign is always controversial – often
among hearing parents of the deaf – but there is a
twist. There was a story today that the family wanted
to learn signs to communicate with their deaf child.
The twist is that the deaf child refuses to use
sign language! Said a parent:

If the only deaf person in the family doesn’t want to
sign, I don’t see a lot of benefit to spending a lot
of time with it.

A picture is at:


— an irony with the hearing

A deaf husband was with his hearing wife while
mingling with the hearing at an event. They were
communicating in sign language. Hearing people
at the event, for some reason, thought the deaf
husband was hearing – and that the hearing
wife was deaf. The hearing wife did mingle a
bit with the hearing yet they were still


— United Airlines flight attendant

On international flights, the United Airlines
has a flight attendant that knows sign language
and loves the chat with the deaf. A deaf couple
was on one international flight, and the fellow
attendants told that sign-language attendant
about it. The flight attendant just could not
help the deaf couple at all during the flight
even if he wanted to do so. He was assigned to
the First Class section and the deaf couple
sat in the regular section. The United Airlines
would not allow attendants to switch assignments.



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— famous deaf artist for nothing

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 18, 2017

— fans angry over an ugly incident

Paul Cashion, who is deaf, was a participant
on the Australian Ninja Warrior program. On one
course, his foot touched the water and he
would have been disqualified. No one told him
he was disqualified and he continued to
compete. He did not see the waving of his
step son, telling him he was out of the
contest! Fans were not too happy about it.
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— finally for a deaf person

Candice Lureman, who is deaf, wanted to be a truck driver.
She had no luck finding truck driving jobs. Employers
did not directly tell her that the deaf cannot drive
trucks but found excuses why she cannot get a job.
Finally she found a truck driving job – after
3,500 job applications! It did not happen in USA,
but in Brisbane, Australia. Many deaf people give
up after maybe 20-30 rejections, but not her.


— live (realtime) captioning or near-live captioning

We know what is closed captioning. We also know
what is live (realtime) captioning. But do we
know exactly what is near-live captioning?
Is it a new definition? Well, FCC describes
near-live captioning as TV programs that are
broadcast less than 24 hours after it was taped.
A perfet example are late-night talk shows.
Closed captioning, realtime captioning, near
live captioning – no matter, we want perfect


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— Dancing with Stars fact

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 17, 2017

— seized police cash helping the deaf

In drug arrests, police would seize cash
held by pushers. Where does the cash
go to? In the case of North Wales Police,
it becomes a grant to help an agency
serving the deaf! A picture is at:


— comparing hearing patrons

There are many all-deaf staff in small restaurants
and cafes in Asia; not that too many, if any in
USA. Why? The owner of an all-deaf restaurant
in Asia said:

Guests here are really tolerant, no matter if it takes time to communicate with deaf waiters

The owner is implying that hearing patrons
in USA is not so patient with deaf waiters!


— Marlee Matlin accomplishes a special honor

Marlee Matlin has accomplished a special
honor, joining the Battle of the Network Stars TV program. It features fake-TV-attorneys
versus fake-White-House-staffers. Her
special honor is that she once played
a fake-TV-attorney role and also
a fake-White House staffer role.
Not too many actors, if any, have
achieved this special accomplishment!



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— anger at famous deaf person

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A deaf person entered the bar, ordered
his drink and asked the bartender to
turn on the captions.
The bartender struggled with the
remote and failed to turn on the captions.
The deaf person offered to turn on
the captions with the remote.
The bartender gave the deaf person
the remote. The deaf person looked at
the remote and found the “cc” button.
He was ready to push the button.
Suddenly the bartender grabbed
the remote before captions could be
turned on.