DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 19, 2017

— deaf set-up team with hearing entertainment company

Dazzle Entertainment is based in Hong Kong, specializing
in designed walls, props and backdrops, all with a range of
colors and designs. These are installed at huge musical
events that many thousands of young people attend.
The key people in the company is a group of set up
people – they are deaf and they are in full charge of
props, designs and artwork. A picture is at:




— a deaf trick at big conventions without interpreters

There are many different kinds of hearing conventions,
trade shows and exhibit halls everywhere in USA. Many
of them have interpreters, but many others don’t.
A deaf person who loves to attend photography and
camera equipment conventions has this trick. Email
the convention host and the exhibitors several days
in advance – explain to them of his deafness and
the need for interpreters and that if there is none,
then find someone at the booths that do not mind
private notetaking sessions! Some exhibitors will
respond, some don’t – but it works, according to
that deaf conventioneer. And the key advice –
do not make these “ADA-threats” – totally turns
them off.



— confusing voice 911 calls that deaf not aware of

Some 911 districts have this feature on their
programmed computerized 911 calls – a buzzing
sound near the end of the calls. People
think it may be a fax tone (faxes are obsolete,
by the way). Actually it tells people not to
hang up, and asks for the hard of hearing
person to wait for a “deaf-friendly” voice
call! Why the confusion? Because there are
hearing people and hard of hearing people that
use the 911 calls – and the programmers try
to accommodate both groups of people.
Everyone, by the way, hates it!



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 18, 2017


— White House says no to interpreters at $5 bil agency

The CIA has a budget of $5 billion dollars, and has
a good number of deaf employees. They need interpreters
but CIA was not able to hire any because of freeze on hiring
new employees  by the White House. Recently, the
White House dropped the hiring freeze and hopefully the
deaf employees can get good interpreters that they need.
A picture is at:



— waitress with two hearing aids is lucky

A waitress at a restaurant in Branford, CT,
wears two hearing aids. One hearing aid was
broken and she had problems understanding
the orders from a man and a woman at one
table. The man asked why she had problems
with the orders. She explained that her
hearing aid was broken. After the meal,
the man paid for the check and tipped
her $500 with instructions to get her
hearing aid fixed. The waitress cried
while hugging the man! A google search
of hearing aid repairs says $500 is
probably just about right!


— many hearing people like captions

Do many hearing people like captions?
There was a survey by a captioning
advocacy group that said that 30
percent of viewers (both deaf and
hearing) look at captions. And that
most of the people in this 30 percent
group are not deaf. On the flip side,
70 percent of viewers would not
look at captions. Good or bad
stats or just confusing stats?



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 17, 2017

— these hypocrite, two-faced employers

Are employers both hypocrites and two-faced?
Well, there was a survey of 100 employers.
Less than 20 percent of them said they
would hire the deaf. 50 percent of them
said they would not hire the deaf. Yet
75 percent of them said that the deaf are
no different from hearing and felt the
deaf can do the job as good as the
hearing. But why not just hire the deaf?
This is a good question. A picture is at:



— congressman does not give an interpreter for deaf person

A deaf woman, living in Bentonville, Arkansas, wanted
to attend a town hall event hosted by U.S. Representative
Steve Womack. She gave notice 72 hours in advance of
her request. She showed up, but the interpreter
never showed up. Said Womack:

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control,
the interpreter was unable to attend the event

The upset deaf woman said she does not count!


— CEO earns fat salary while deaf employees on strike

Deaf employees of Canadian Hearing Society in
Toronto, have been on strike. They are protesting
nearly 30 percent of layoffs in past three years
and also no pay increase for the past four years.
In the meantime, the CEO (not deaf) is making
$268,749 per year.


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Deaf Eyes are always different from Hearing Eyes.
Deaf and hearing look at things differently.
A deaf person goes to a store and immediately
knows if it is deaf-friendly or not.
A hearing person will not know the difference!


There is a small grocery store near your home.
It is not deaf friendly and it is expensive.
There is a big supermarket, about 20 minutes
walk from your home. The prices are low.
Which is better – short walk, but not deaf-friendly
and expensive or long walk, deaf friendly and low
Or you go to the grocery store if it is raining,
and you go to the supermarket if weather is perfect!


You are watching a basketball game at Gallaudet
During a timeout, a hearing fan shouted something
at a hearing referee.
The hearing referee suddenly looked at the hearing
fan and laughed very hard.
Why did the hearing referee laugh very hard? We
will never know.


For example – in Year 1900, a deaf writer
writes a Deaf Story, but information is not
complete and is little vague.
Year 2017, a Deaf History Researcher
finds that old 1900 story and is very
frustrated because of incomplete and
vague information.
Happens all the time in Deaf History
and Hearing History.