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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 7, 2018


— a comment by owner of a movie theater

The owner of a movie theater, independent and not
part of national chains, said:

Sometimes it just takes a member of a certain community
to come to us and tell us what they need

That member wanted open captions. The owner said
it was just a matter of a switch of a button to
make the change!



— deaf woman wins movie stunts award

When we talk about movie stunts we think of the
late Kitty O’Neil. She was not the only deaf
person doing stunts. The other one was Marneen
Fields. We probably have never heard of her
but she was deaf and performed many stunts
throughout the 1980’s. The honor she just
won was Legendary Stunt Award from the
International Action on Film Festival. She
has performed stunts for some of the most
famous actresses – Jane Seymour, Priscilla Presley,
Morgan Fairchild, etc.


— yet another role for Marlee Matlin

Marlee Matlin in a sci-fi movie? Yes,
the movie “Entangled” will be shown
in 2019 and Marlee plays the role
of a hearing daughter and allowing
her to grow up on her own.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 6, 2018


— broke the law for a good reason

Amy McMillan, a young deaf woman, was rejected
many times when applying for a job – because of
her deafness. She then broke the law – not
disclosing her deafness on the application form.
She was immediately hired. The law – in Northern
Ireland required all deaf applicants to disclose
their disability on the job forms!


— nursing home in hot water

The Atrium Post Acute Care of Wayne, a nursing
home in New Jersey is in trouble. A deaf social
worker used deaf relay service to discuss a matter
with the nursing home, and was repeatedly hung
up. For that reason, the State Attorney General
ordered the nursing home to pay monetary damages!


— the revenge satisfied the deaf person

Shane van Boening, who is deaf, is the world’s
#1 billiards player. He travels all over the world,
beating hearing billiards players in tournaments.
In a newspaper interview he revealed he was bullied
throughout his school years. They were mocking
him for his deafness. It was so bad that he refused
to attend his own high school graduation ceremony.
The revenge? Living in North Dakota, he drove to
a car wash to get his new and shiny car washed.
One of the car wash people was the same person
that bullied him. Said Shane:

He was the guy who picked on me when I was a little
kid. That is what he deserved. This is what I deserved.
Think what happened better for you.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 5, 2018


— late president George HW Bush helped the deaf

The late president George HW Bush helped the deaf
big-time. He signed the bill to make ADA the law
of the land. Thank you, President Bush.


— helping the deaf in dangerous situations

Almost every day in USA there are dangerous situations
where lives are threatened. In these situations, deaf
people get confused, not knowing what is going on.
Are there workshops? The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police
officers hosted a workshop for the deaf to train them
on what to do in these dangerous situations.


— invisible interpreter is interpreting

A deaf student at a college wears special glasses.
Inside the glasses is a display of interpreter
and a built-in camera that allows the deaf student
to follow the classroom lectures and to get involved
in discussions.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 4, 2018


— sign language waiters, important or not important

There was a story about an owner of a small chain of
restaurants wanting to hire waiters that know
sign langauge. There is more to the restauarant
than sign language waiters. Is the restaurant
deaf-friendly? Are the menus easy to point and
show to the waiters? Is the restaurant lighting
bright enough for the deaf to communicate
with each other? Can the waiters solve
problems and issues with diners wanting
certain dishes? And most important of all,
is food good or bad?


— a dumb clerk

A couple went to the court to apply for
a marriage license. The man was from
New Mexico. The clerk thought New Mexico
was a country and asked him for his
passport! It took quite some time
for the clerk to understand that
New Mexico is a state not a country.
It sort of happened years ago at a
national organization serving the
deaf. The clerk thought Atlanta
was a state and not a city. The
deaf CEO fired her on the spot!


— interpreting incident during interview

A deaf man applied for a job and asked for an
interpreter. The company told him to bring his
own interpreter. He didn’t but the company
found someone that knew sign language. The
interview didn’t go well as the person
who knew sign langauge was not qualified
to do the interpreting. He felt that it
was the reason he didn’t get the job.
As a result he has filed a lawsuit.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 3, 2018

— automaker says deaf can hear the sound warning

Honda, the automobile manufacturer, said that
its’ newest CR-V has a sound warning system
that would alert deaf drivers of problems
while driving. Does Honda think deaf people
can hear? Not every deaf person wears a
hearing aid or has a CI.


— worst hospital interpreting issue

Not in USA, but overseas – a hospital, lacking
an interpreter, asked the Coda child to tell
his father that his illness cannot be cured
and that it would be fatal. This is the worst
interpreting issue that DeafDigest has heard of.


— a new word DeafDigest never heard of

A recent newspaper story was about a lipspeaker.
DeafDigest never heard of that word. It is a
person who is lipreadable.




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