DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 11, 2018


— baseball traitor helps deaf-owned business

Albert Pujols is one of the best baseball players
right now. For a long time he played for St Louis
Cardinals, but left to join the Los Angeles Angels.
Many fans in St Louis still call him the traitor.
Yet he took time to help endorse a deaf owned
novelties business in the St Louis area. We do
not find famous athletes doing that for small,
deaf owned businesses, but Pujols did.


— red tape discrimination with deaf truck driving students

A deaf man from Alabama who just graduated from a truck
driving program said he had to wait six months to
get medical clearance waiver because of deafness
and also to get learners’ permit to attend classes.
A hearing truck driving student shows up for school
and gets admitted within maybe just a few days.
For that deaf student from Alabama – six months
wait. Discrimination, yes even though federal
government allows deaf truck drivers!


— a newspaper story about a $22-an-hour job

The USA Today ran a story that headlined:

He went from jail to a $22-an-hour job

While it is not easy for ex-prisoners (hearing)
to get these $22.00 per hour jobs, it is just
almost impossible for deaf ex-prisoners to get
these same high paying jobs. There are many,
unfortunately, deaf prisoners. Once they are
released, their job prospects are not bright.
But for a few selected hearing prisoners, their
job prospects are bright. Prison discrimination?
Yes, unfortunately for deaf prisoners.


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— police interviews with deaf

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 10, 2018


— deaf employees banned from using ASL at work?

Albertsons, a supermarket chain, is being sued for requiring
Spanish-speaking employees to speak English on the job.
What if Albertsons had many deaf employees at one supermarket
location and tried to ban ASL from being spoken on the premises?
A picture is at:


— prisoners interpreting for prisoners

In Louisiana, hearing prisoners could apply
to enroll in an intepreting program to
become interpreters for their fellow
prisoners that are deaf. Good or bad?
Intepreters are supposed to follow code
of ethics and maintain professionalism
while interpreting. Would these hearing
prisoners (lifers or long term) be
bound, with conscience to these rules
and ethics? Escape from prison is often
#1 on their thoughts.


— top hearing chef tries to help deaf chefs

Hearing chef Adam Perry Lang is famous for one
big reason – he switched from French style
restaurants to BBQ restaurants! Anyway, as
a young man he saw a deaf man working in
a kitchen of a restaurant in France. Never
forgotting the deaf, he has made it his goal
to hire and train deaf chefs for his restaurant
in Los Angeles. If you are deaf and love
working in the kitchen do look up Adam Perry
Lang at his APL Restaurant in Los Angeles.



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— illegal deaf device

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 9, 2018

— to be deaf and to be Democrat in Indiana

Indiana is a Republican Party stronghold. It did not
prevent a deaf woman – Kim Mettache, a Democrat,
from running for three different seats –
in the Democratic convention, in the Dyer
town council and for the state Secretary of State
and Treasurer. Running for three seats in one
election is unusual but Kim is an unusual
person. A picture is at:


— creating a sign for a White House leader

The deaf of New Zealand invented a sign to identify
a White House leader. The sign would be a hand on top
of the head with fingers waving back and forth.
Is this sign an insult? No – deaf people all over
the world tend to create signs that would immediately
identify famous people!


— a world-famous play closes up

One of the world’s most famous theatrical plays
is “Children of a Lesser God.” The original play
featured the late Phyllis Frelich as Sarah. This
play was revived and shown again on Broadway –
and it will closed up soon. Reason? According
to a newspaper story:

its’ run shortened because of weak sales

It is disappointing.


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— backgammon, world ranked deaf player

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 8, 2018

— a possible scary situation with the cops

There was a big story of a hearing man buying
candy at a convenience store, and was almost
arrested by a police officer. The officer,
wearing plain clothes, thought it was a
theft of candy. It is scary if it happened
to a deaf person! What if the police officer
screamed behind a deaf person’s back, thinking
he stole the candy? Just too scary. A picture
is at:


— cannot read or write

The World Health Organization, which is part of
the United Nations, said that almost 80 percent
of the deaf all over the world, cannot read or
write. True or false? Don’t know as DeafDigest
editor is always wary of statistics that look
too bad to be true!


— mocking the deafness of a famous person

There was a story today about Comedy Central
people mocking Marlee Matlin’s deafness.
Two examples:

Seth McFarlane crudely imitating a deaf person with
deaf actress Marlee Matlin (watching him)


Everyone mocked Matlin’s deafness

DeafDigest is not laughing. It is not funny.



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— Bell vs Edison

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 7, 2018

— Deaf Market or Hearing Market

There was a “Deaf Shark Tank” event in
Washington, DC, sponsored by Gallaudet,
that was open to all deaf entrepreneurs.
Eight such deaf entrepreneurs came up
with their start-up ideas, hoping to
win the top prize. How many ideas were
aimed at the Deaf Market and also how
many were for the Hearing Market?
Six such proposals were for the Deaf
whereas two other proposals were for
the Hearing. The winner was for the
Deaf Market – see-through surgical mask.

A picture is at:


— certified interpreters or student interpreters

An angry interpreting advocate spoke out –
saying interpreting agencies do not
care about quality; deaf people are cheated
when student (inexperienced) interpreters
show up at highly important events! Is
it true? Unfortunately for DeafDigest
editor, yes, as he had some important
meetings that were messed up by
student interpreters that could not
understand ASL.


— a successful deaf event

Deaf people are sad that deaf clubs are
closing up. Yet, one woman started a
deaf club that meets once a month. It
started with 20 people and has grown
to nearly 100 people. It is unusual
because it was a hearing woman that
started a deaf club for one reason –
so that she can learn sign language
by socializing with deaf members.
And it is not taking place at a
deaf club headquarters but at a
hearing pub – in Great Britain!



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— deaf pilots and deaf helicopter pilots

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