DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 3, 2018


— deaf sports team eating and sleeping on the highway

A deaf national sports team, with no money for hotel
and meals, was forced to cook meals and sleep on the
highway in Africa. The Gambian government would not
give money to the deaf national soccer team for their
tournament in another African nation. As a result the
team had to make do with highway life. It was a newspaper
story that embarrassed the government. A picture
is at:


— a librarian remembers a rare request

Nili Ness, not deaf, is a librarian with the
Queens Library system in New York City.
Part of her job is to honor library book
requests and to do once-a-week delivery of
these books to the Rikers Island prisons.
She has received requests for books on
a range of subjects – but there is just
one request she remembers. A deaf prisoner
asked for books on ASL learning




— Netflix “deaf” team still gets complaints

Netflix has a “deaf” team, actually a group of
employees that take care of captions and
subtitles of all of its videos. This team
works with third party vendors to make sure
captions and/or subtitles are put into these
videos. Many deaf people are not happy –
because “bad” words are not captioned.
Said Netflix:

Censoring swear words, for instance, is not company

Should deaf people blame Netflix or blame these
outside captioning/subtitling vendors?




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— visual displays not always helpful

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 2, 2018

— deaf candidate unopposed in local primary

Chris Haulmark, who is deaf, is a Democratic candidate
in the Olathe, Kansas primary for the Kansas State
Representative seat. He has no opponent, and is waiting
to see who will be his Republican opponent. The prmary
takes place on August 7, 2018. What are his chances?
Well, he is a Democrat in a Republican state.
A picture is at:


— if it happened to hearing, it also happened to the deaf

Today’s big story was gold medal stolen from Kurdish
mathematician Cauchar Birkar few minutes after receiving
it at a big mathematics conference in Brazil. If it can’t
happen to the deaf, it did! In the 1977 Deaflympics, swimmer
Jeff Float won ten gold medals. All of these medals were
stolen! These stolen medals were replicated at the
expense of American Athletic Association the Deaf and
given to Float months later.


— unsung deaf hero

Frank William Earl, a deaf man from a small Kansas town,
passed away recently. He was not known outside of the
small Kansas Deaf Community – yet he was a hero that
we didn’t know about. He served more than 20 years as
volunteer fire fighter with the Woodston Fire Department.
Volunteer fire fighters, both deaf and hearing, are
always heroes.



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— perfect pharmacy for deaf

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 1, 2018


— very bitter hearing ear dog lawsuit

A deaf man has been at war for 13 years with
his condo association in Chicago. This association,
trying to ban the hearing ear dog, spent over $2.6
million in legal expenses. The deaf man refused to
give up and filed many complaints and lawsuits
with city, county and state jurisdictions plus
two court jurisdictions, accusing the association
of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

The condo just said it is a pet violation while
avoiding the ADA issue. A picture is at:


— ugly incident at a sandwich shop

A deaf woman stood in line at a sandwich shop, waiting
for her turn to place the order. While waiting, she
keyed in her order on her iPhone Notes app. She didn’t
realize it was her turn, and she was still keying in.
It got several people angry, and one of them tapped
so hard on her shoulder that she almost dropped her
iPhone. And making it worse was the counter employee
saying loudly for everyone to hear “you have to stop
texting.” The surprised deaf woman quickly showed
the employee the text that showed her sandwich
order. Everyone in the sandwich shop went quiet.
Even the woman who tapped hard quickly apologized.


— a new superintendent at Kansas School for the Deaf

Luanne Barron, who is deaf and a Gallaudet graduate
(and athlete) is the new superintendent of Kansas
School for the Deaf. After graduating from Gallaudet
her career was always been in Education of the Deaf.



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— deaf author of mystery novels

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 31, 2018


— many deaf not aware of basic need

A deaf person attending a recent deaf convention
said he was surprised that many of his deaf friends
were not aware that they are entitled to interpreters
while seeing doctors! A picture is at:


— challenges for deaf advocates

Deaf advocates have a big challenge. There are many
elected public officials that know nothing about the
deaf or do not care about the problems the deaf
people deal with. How to advocate? What is the
best way to advocate? What is Plan B when efforts
to reach elected public officials become useless?
These are big challenges.


— green card opportunities for deaf

It is more difficult for people to emigrate
to USA nowadays, no matter if they are hearing
or deaf. Years back, it was easier. A non-English
speaking deaf person, with university degree in Social
Work, was not able to find a job in this field
in her nation. Agencies serving the deaf would only
hire the hearing. Despite not knowing a single word
of English, she went to classes to learn the language,
and was able to get a green card. She has been in
USA for some 15 years and is still employed as a
Case Worker in a deaf agency in USA.



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— past Gallaudet trustee

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 30, 2018

— police refused to help with paperwork

During a storm in South Carolina, the deaf man’s pickup
truck was parked outside. A tree slammed on it, destroying
it. The deaf man called the police, requesting paperwork
so that he can file a claim with the insurance company.
The police refused to fill out the paperwork. The police
also refused to provide an intepreter despite many
requests. And making it worse, he was arrested (because
of an old warrant). The U.S. Department of Justice
recently scolded the police department for giving him
hard time. A picture is at:


— one interpreter full time or 35 part-time interpreters

One university said they have only one full time interpreter
but also contracts out with 35 part-time interpreters.
The full time interpreter said he works full time because
of the security of a paycheck. Which is better – a full
time interpreter or a part-time interpreter?


— Wells Fargo wants to work with the deaf

Is Wells Fargo a good bank for the deaf and the
people of color? It was announced last week
that Wells Fargo is creating a program to help
deaf people with their banking needs. Yet
there was a big story of Wells Fargo
discriminationg against a hearing woman of
color. That angry woman is filing a lawsuit
accusing the big bank of discrimination.



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— deaf diplomat, US Foreign Services

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