DeafDigest Blue – October 7, 2018

DeafDigest Blue – October 7, 2018
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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 5, 2018

— interpreters in legislation not a priority

New Zealand is suffering from a shortage of
interperters. As a result interpreters are
pulled from duty at the national Parliament
to every day duties such as doctors’ offices,
classrooms, attorneys’ offices, etc. Deaf
people that want to follow the Parliament
sessions are upset.


— A movie will involve a DeafBlind actor

Not sure if it is a first, but a DeafBlind actor
will be featured in an upcoming movie – Feeling
Through. This filming is in the planning stages
and not too much is known about what it is all


— interesting court case

If a deaf person wants to file a lawsuit because of
no captioning, he does not have to tell FCC about it,
and can go ahead with the lawsuit. That deaf person
wanted to sue Hallandale Beach (Florida) because of
no captions during city council meetings. The town
said the deaf person must contact FCC first. The
11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said no – that
FCC does not have to be contacted first about
no captions.



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— pioneering deaf model on TV commercial

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 4, 2018


— easy way to find a job

A young deaf man needed a job. Where he lived, jobs were scarce.
His girl friend encouraged him to move out of the area and go to
another area where jobs were plentiful – even when when it meant
she would be seeing him less and less. He never bothered to seek
help of deaf social service agencies and employment agencies.
He simply walked on the job site and asked for a job and was
immediately hired (as an apprentice in construction trades).


— terrible hassle in watching a non-interpreted play

A deaf man, who loves theatrical plays, said it
was a terrible hassle to watch a non-interpreted
plays, and even non-captioned plays. He had to
use a small flashlight to read the script,
just to follow the action on the stage. If there
was a fake fist-fight on the stage, he would
risk missing that action, just to find out what
these dueling actors were saying!


— still a bad comment about deafness

DeafDigest editor saw this comment:

deafness was once a permanent disability with little hope of
living normally with, until the CI was invented

Yes, deafness is a permanent disaiblity but it does not
mean there is no hope. When the deaf people want to
succeed, they will.



Deaf jobs – latest update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— discrimination facing a deaf diplomat

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 3, 2018


— first deaf dual-citizen hearing Olympics participant

More athletes become dual-dual citizens in order to participate
in the hearing Olympics. Outstanding deaf swimmer Matt Klotz
is a member of the Louisiana State University swimming team.
He was not able to make the USA team in the hearing Olympics
beause of too much competition for the limited available spots.
His father is a Hungarian, and for that reason, he may claim
dual-citizenship with Hungary in order to swim for that nation
in the 2020 Olympics. If he succeeds then he would be the
first deaf dual-citizen Olympian.


— job counselor giving the wrong message

A job counselor was quoted in a newspaper
story as saying:

we want employers to hire, keep and fire
the most deserving (deaf) person

Is the job counselor really telling the
employers that it is OK to fire a deaf



— reason employers don’t want deaf forklift operators

Deaf forklift operators operate the lifts just as good
and perhaps better than hearing forklift operators.
The big reason many employers won’t hire deaf forklift
operators is because they can’t hear the sirens that warn
them of dangers around them. Strobe lights will do
but it is a device many employers don’t know about!



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— deaf and the noisy highway

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 2, 2018



— Toronto’s birdman is deaf

Every big city has street artists and craftsmen which
add so much to local culture. One such person in Toronto
is Ross Ward. He carves birds out of wood and sells
them on the streets. He is deaf. He said that as long
as he is able to make enough money to pay his bills
he is happy.


— ugly fighting among board members

There was a story about a school board member getting
into a physical confrontation with another board
member during a board meeting. That person is currently
facing assault charge. Deaf board meetings always peaceful?
Not always that so. Years ago, as a young man, the DeafDigest
editor was in a board meeting with a non-profit deaf service
agency. A deaf board member, very angry, swung a chair
at the editor during the meeting. Fortunately, no one
was hurt as the angry board member was restrained and
told to cool off. Police wasn’t called in and everyone
forgot all about it.


— telling the deaf that the car is for them

There have been cases, one was tragic, of
passengers asking for a Lyft/Uber rides only
to enter the wrong cars. Not taking any
chances, Lyft has come up with a display
device telling the deaf that they have
entered the correct car!



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— car battery and the deaf

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 1, 2018



— big protest against automated captioning software

Deaf people don’t like automated captioning software
because it makes so many errors. Video providers
love it because it saves them money. Anyway there
is a group that is collecting signatures to a petition
to tell FCC to ban automated captioning software.
Will FCC listen to us? No.


— comment by a late-deafened person who became hearing

A woman was born hearing, but became deaf and then years
later, thanks to a CI, she became hearing again. She said:

I was just a tourist in the deaf world

It is a fact that late-deafened people have little,
if no, connection to the deaf world where everyone
grew up deaf.


— old way to help the deaf did help the hearing

years ago, a deaf man had a big job. He was the only
deaf person in the group, and there were no interpreters
or captions. The deaf man was important and the
supervisor wanted to make him happy. During staff
meetings, everything was written down on the blackboard.
It was realized that hearing people were also helped,
because they often forget spoken words during the meetings.
But when everyone copied everything on the blackboard,
no one forgets it. Since then these meetings had less
spoken words and more on the blackboards!



Deaf jobs – latest update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— deaf designer, greeting cards company

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